LOL – Patch 12.5: Settings to the most unjust object and Rework for Master Yi

A new patch of League of Legends will arrive at live servers this same night. Riot Games prepares the launch of the new version 12.5 . The new update does not look for great revolutions and gives resolute some of the great structural problems of the game. However, it does include very interesting adjustments end up directing the game for the good path found by the developers over the past few weeks.

Patch 12.5: Stability comes to League of Legends

LS | LoL PATCH 12.5 RUNDOWN - Master Yi Mini REWORK and Small Changes

After the bustle of the beginning of season 12 and still with pending work in relation to the rewards system, tranquility is the most characteristic feature of patch 12.5. In total we will only have seven adjusted champions. However, there are two cases that are worth noting. Seraphine will improve considerably at the support position, while Riot has searched for adjusting teacher Yi with a small Nerf that runs out with his criticized Build centered on Draktharr’s phyrooscuro, item with the That generated a somewhat oppressive game pattern.

In addition to the changes that the champions receive, highlights the adjustment that Riot Games has prepared for Rompecasco . After eliminating the strategy of the supports in the upper lane, this item took over the summaker crack and will receive an important nerf focused on the distance combat characters. These users will only take out from the fact that the patch arrives half the benefit to the object.

As usual, the new version will also introduce new aspects into the game. This time it has touched the turn to the Skins, who continue with the latest care of the developer. It should also be highlighted on this version that will be active throughout the month of March, attending the official calendar of patches, since the developer will break with the tradition of changing cycle every two weeks . However, it is possible that there is a miniatualization with adjustments in the form of 12.5b patch.

Summary of patch 12.5

Later you can find the full changes of the version and all its content, but before we go with a summary for the most lazy players…

Changes to champions:

  • Buffos: Kennen, Samira
  • Nerfeos: Ahri, Gwen, Master Yi and Xin Zhao
  • Settings: seraphine

Changes to objects

  • Nerfeos: Rompecascus

New Skins

  • ABEJITA: Heimerdinger, Ziggs, Nunu, Orianna

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