Neptune, a subsidiary game 3-year release notice

[Eye News 24 Moon Young – Soo] Neptune announced that it launched three new mobile games through the subsidiary of Neptune.

Triplela (Representative Hmmans) will launch Tycoon Games’ Make Over Tycoon (Tycoon) game “Make Over Tycoon” that is the best style through cool hairstyles and makeups that want to be a star.

Prittyvid (Representative Yoon Na) introduces a new “Lovers Holly Chief Classroom” in the first half of the year. This game has succeeded the ‘Lover Holic’ IP and a novelty attempt to a mobile casual game that combines the puzzle and collecting elements in the women’s story games.

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Play Hard (Representative Shinseuh) will be released in the first half of the year. This game is going to challenge the global market with a comical Cartoon Games Art, the main character and the manager.

“Development of Neptune, Neptune, said,” Neptune’s development subsidiary will expand the game content and expand the mobile casual game service area of ​​Neptune to expand the role of global. “

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