Schumacher: “Formula 1 belongs to Germany”

“Formula 1 belongs to Germany,” said Schumacher on Saturday as part of the tests in Bahrain, “That’s why it would be nice, my favorite would be the Nürburgring.” And Vettel also seems to be done by the idea. He wishes a race on the legendary northern loop of the course. “I will not be forever forever, maybe that’s the last chance,” said the 34-year-old grinning.

Michael Schumacher win at Nurburgring Circuit | Formula 1 | Germany

For economic reasons and high economic risk for the route operators, there was last no major prize from Germany. An exception was 2020, as in the course of the Corona distortions of the Nürburgring again in the short term in the calendar, but at that time the economic risk for the German organizers was excluded.

Normally, it is so that Formula 1 demands from the routes approach to millions in millions – and it is not always secured if they can then be amortized. Therefore, an euphoric reaction remains. “We are pleased to see that Sebastian Vettel and Mick Schumacher continued to see the Nürburgring as an attractive location for Formula 1,” said Spokesman Alexander Gerhard the Sid, but at the same time emphasized: “We would still like to welcome Formula 1, but only allowed economically meaningful framework conditions. “

At the technical level there were no problems. Thus, the route received only this week from the World Association Fia the “Grade 1” license. It meets the highest safety standards.

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