The Mario Kart Tour reaches 90 million downloads and reports more than $ 12 million

Last week, we talked about the way in which Mario Kart_ is expectedly for his first day of exit. But after a little less than a week of publication on the mobile market, the group continues to beat even more discs. Like, CHEQUE RECORD.

Sensor Tour recently noted that the game had reached the phenomenal level of 90.1 million downloads since its release. It made 15 million players a day in the last six days. This easily eclipses the previous Nintendo record. Traversée of animals: pocket camp, which reached 14.3 million during this period. And keep in mind that this number keeps that the trace of certain markets – it could be _encore higher than that.

Not only that, but of Mario Kart_ has also made a lot of money for Nintendo during his early days. He raised $ 12.7 million on the basis of his microtransactions. Although less than $ 16.1 million as Mario Run_ does (and error emblem emblem $ 28.2 million), it’s still a significant success for society.

Cómo los JUGADORES de MARIO KART TOUR ven a los jugadores de MARIO KART 8 (y viceversa)
Out of what players prefer for tour Android seems to be the most popular, with 53.5 million downloads, compared with 36.5 million downloads on the IOS Front. It is a little unbalanced but added; It’s good news for Nintendo.

And these are the United States that records the most downloads, with less than 15% of the facilities in total. It is also the most conducive place for the game with about $ 5.8 million (45%).

Can ITour of Mario Kart_ maintain this kind of momentum? Depending on the added content and other options, it’s a possibility. But we will have to wait and see.

Tour of Mario Kart is now available for iOS and Android devices.

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