“Market Operation”? “Demand and Supply”? United Kingdom of the United Kingdom that involves parliament

BBC has released an article that reforms resale circumstances ** in the United Kingdom, including interviews with a resatitor.

“Life consisting thanks to the resale of PlayStation,” said reseller who named Sheraz (pseudonym) says. Mr. Life of Corona, such as a huge medical debt, a government’s benefit that has not been received, and a wife who has lost his job as a habitat, Mr. Life that has become heavy in Corona is ” It seems that he has started to resale popular products called “Scalping”.

Many diverters who are “SCALPING” are mainly checked in the stock of products of websites set for targets using BOT, and sometimes automatically purchased to BOT and at a speed that the original buyer can not beat the power It seems that you are reselling at the price of the stock and doubled.

About such resale circumstances, BBC interviews Jack Bayliss, which was a 24-year-old original investment bank, starting resale for six years ago, and publishes its pattern. He was originally profitable by the resale of branded products, but now, he established a company that sells a subscription subscription for resale rather than resale itself, and raises a profit of about 456,000 pounds in a year It is said that

In the interview, he said, “If there is an opportunity for the arbitral transaction, people are trying to use it.” I am remarking.

Although the current UK’s law range is illegal for soccer ticket resale, other product resellers are not per law. However, the lawmakers who recognize the resale act have launched actions to stop large-scale resale acts using this BOT.

Douglas Chapman, Douglas Chapman of the Scotland National Party, led by the Scotland National Party Submit a bill to prohibit the resale of electronic devices automatically purchased by ** BOT last year. The members say that the resale is totally prohibited to expand the consumer, and say that they can benefit, and “I have distorted the market beyond a reasonable range. Need to think about consumer protection” And stance aiming for sound economic activity.

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Aiming for consumer protection, CHAPMAN’s “such thing is only in market operation” and opinion that Bayliss’s “mere demand and supply issues”. How does the resale circumstances in the United Kingdom will fall, and the BOT usage resale banned bill will be submitted to see if the bill can pass through the parliament.

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