GTA Online: Make Money – The Best Tips 2022

You can learn in this guide for quick money in GTA online:

  • Which acquisitions are worthwhile in the money verdien phase
  • How to come comfortably as a solo player to money
  • Which common activities are financially worthwhile for group players
  • What to pay special attention to specific activities

In the huge open online world of GTA 5 there are many ways to spend money – but of course that must first be on your account before you can make fat sports cars, yachts, real estate, planes and gilded weapons.

It is strongly on whether you want to play alone or you are traveling with a solid group. Some options only work well in group or become extremely hectic alone to very difficult. Our Guide for quick money making in GTA Online therefore treats the most convenient ways for both ways.

Note: With GTA Online there are bonus weeks, in which you receive double yields on money and RP in a changing type of missions – use such opportunities for double money with the same effort. In the Rockstar Social Club you will always be displayed which bonuses you can get up to date.

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So you are best dealing with your money

If you are mainly on the way alone or with only one friend, you should avoid useless expenses above all . Waiver, while your assets earns, on the purchase of expensive vehicles and put your money only in weapons that you often want to use.

It is worthwhile, in addition to two-handed weapons of weapons, use a lever firearms like the Mini / Micro-MP, as they can shoot with them from a moving car. Next to it is a melee weapon like a baseball bat as an alternative helpful if the ammunition goes out in a hot fight!

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As soon as you have enough money, just buy the cheapest house with a small garage. Concentrates to a single car such as the Kuruma, which is equipped with Los Santos Customs with armor and weft-safe tires – This makes missions in the open world much more pleasant.

Stay at the marina in the city center (Puerto del Sol Marina) or the airfields in the Grand Senora Desert (Sandy Shores Airfield) and Grapeseed (Mackenzie Airfield) that spawns helicopters to give you faster through the city and missions to move. The Frogger flies away from the unarmed helicopters for flight beginners most comfortable. The Buzzard is your armed and flicker model of choice, but does not stop much shell.

When playing in the group CEO (or VIP) bodyguard regularly earn a certain amount (from $ 6,000) Salary , biker club members receive a fee for participation in procurement and sales missions. So if you help friends with their business activities with laboratories, bunkers or camps, so they are not empty!

Make money in the solo game

Wheels in the Diamond Casino

Once a day (real time, not in-game day) you can turn in the casino on the lucky wheel . In addition to RP, clothing and casino chips, you can also win GTA $. You can dust the following money gains with a little luck:

  • $ 20,000
  • $ 30,000
  • $ 40,000
  • $ 50,000

So turn as much as possible every day on the fortune wheel to miss no chance on a small money boost .

Car theft

If you move in the open world, look for models like Lampadati Felon GT (convertible version) or overpower Sentinel. You can do this with every lot of Santos Customs for $ 9,000 to $ 95,000, other regular cars bring less profit.

Per 50 minutes you can sell a stolen car **, so uses this possibility especially between other tasks. If you caught a (rare) vehicle with special paint, it is also significantly more money on sale.

From time to time you call Simeon and tell you which cars he is currently looking for a purchase. Stay one of the cars from his list, drive to a Los Santos Customs and paints the car cheap, then you get for Simeon’s warehouse (and the local sale) a path marker on your card.


Have you purchased a CEO business in the later gameplay, buys a cheap vehicle warehouse and chooses on the computer in your office the option “Get vehicle” to start an autoclow mission. Stopped the vehicle and brings it as undamaged to your warehouse – repair costs you pay for yourself! In the vehicle warehouse, you pick up the car on the computer and sell it.

For sales rides, your opponents should best dodge as soon as possible as the damage you cause in your vehicle will reduce the profit.

For maximum profit collects your dare of the standard and middle class without selling it. If you eventually have all cars of these two classes in the camp, you only get missions for upper-class vehicles , as the game avoids duplications in the camp by itself. If you only sell upper class cars, this significantly increases the profit.

Alternatively, you buy a small special cargo warehouse and chooses the option »Special Freight« on the computer in your office. Buys one or two boxes (three offer no good price / compensation ratio) to start a special freight procurement mission , the cargo collects and brings you to your warehouse.

If the camp is full, you can sell the cargo for a usable profit al1. Make sure that your delivery vehicle is armored and enamed so that you do not make the first attack from opponents in front of a problem.

Note: CEO sales and special freight procurements are also to be done in the group game quite convenient, the existing alternatives such as bunker supply and sales as well as the sale full of bearings from the biker club are worthwhile.

Daily destinations complete

At GTA Online, you will receive three new daily destinations per starting real day at about 6 or 7 in the morning, whose conclusion brings you $ 25,000 and 3,000 RP. If you manage to complete a whole month all daily destinations , wave $ 1.5 million as a reward. Especially fair: There are only logged in days, you do not come into play for a few days, you do not lose progress!

Challenges and shop raids

For a few dollars in between, you take at the regular, short intervals Challenges in the Open World part – for example, “Drive the longest route backward without accident« or the like. If you make one of the top places, there are money and RP as a reward. As a good driver, you can also participate in the race in the Open World, the better you cut out, the higher the winning bonus.

Alternatively, “visits” the small shops scattered in the world, where you otherwise buys snacks and drinks and threatens the seller with a weapon until he throws you a wallet with $ 1,500 to $ 10,000. Leaving backwards going the shop, otherwise the seller will like to shoot in my back. After that you just have to flee successfully in front of the police!

Jobs do

If you are looking for tasks in the list of available jobs, in which your must fight against opponents and puts the difficulty on, heavy, so that you get more money and RP.

Jobs take place in instanced environments, so you do not have to worry about gritty teammates and can do the job in peace and time. In the charging screen you can also buy ammunition and armor.

VIP missions

From a million on the bank you can register for VIP missions , all of which expire in the Open World. For solo players, the mission “city tour” is worthwhile, as you can earn up to $ 25,000. Here you should be careful to take at least 10 minutes of the 15 minutes time limit, because the game weighthly only pays off the full earnings.

Alternatively, she tries to live in “leadership”, for ten minutes alive without killing other players – remains constantly in motion and is looking for this mission as empty or peaceful game session

Weekly time separation & RC bandito time race

At the weekly time separation in GTA online you can earn $ 100,000. Just drive to the Lilafarben stopwatch on the map and completes the race in the required time.

Also $ 100,000 wave to the RC bandito time separation with the remotely controlled car. To buy a remotely controlled car, however, you need a arena property .

There is hardly any other way to get so much money faster in GTA online. Thank you, however, that you can finish the two races only once a week .


If you have money left, you will create a biker club and buys the cheapest coke labor. This can be supplied with raw materials by launching their pension missions and brings back the stolen supplies to the laboratory . The laboratory only produces its product, while you are active in GTA online, so do something different during the production phase.

If there are a maximum of two and a half bars product, you start a sales mission and provides the goods to your buyers . Important: The product amount is so sized that you can create it with something planning to sell everything alone within the time limit. So there should not be more product if you do not want to do a loss.

Make money in the game in the group

Jobs do

Just like money-making as a single player, you should seek missions looking for your opponent to kill. Sets the degree of difficulty on “heavy” and pay attention well that your teammates stay alive during the instantiated job – all the more convenient the clapper becomes. With around $ 15,000 and 3,000 RP per job, you will be able to use money on a game evening without even having a team member a business or a biker club.


Gangsterboss Martin Madrazo regularly supplies you with new orders, in which you have to put on the corner with at least another team member ** target. With $ 15,000 and 3,000rp, the merit is a good bid for not too much effort – your trip to the destination, shoots the way to the destination free, kills the goal, flees to the police, finished!

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HOTS / robberies

Whether you do not have the FLECCA raid or more demanding power for four people with only one player, the client must have a high-end apartment with planning space . He goes with the cost of the raid in advance, but may also distribute the prey.

If you play in a solid team, you distribute the tasks upcoming during a robbery, chopping or cars clawing on the teammates that best know. For the FLECCA robbery Bewart $ 100,000, in the other, multi-stage robbery robberies beckons significantly more profit.

Biker Club

For the fast dollar in between, you start one of the three proposed missions in a biker clubhouse , which best deal with three to four players. These usually consist of protective, rescue and destruction tasks, so for experienced players are not a big challenge.

If you have purchased a bunker, a Koks- or Methlabor, she supplies this together with the players with stolen goods and then sells the product produced during your online time . Of course you can also afford the hemp plantation or a shortfall or document shelter operation, but there is the relationship between effort and profit significantly lower.

CAUTION: While sales missions from the Koks- and Methlabor still relatively relaxed, you have hard time bunker sales missions to do hard time and more demanding tasks. But a full bunker also brings a lot of money – over a million $ per successful sale!

Nightclub sales

The BEST Money Methods Right Now In GTA 5 Online! (Make Millions For Expanded & Enhanced)

As a player with some small change on the bench and ideally all the opportunities (coke, meth, hemp, money loss, document shelter, bunker, specialties freight) you create a nightclub and first equips it with up to five technicians, sales vehicles and one enlarged bearings.

If the technician has individual storage tasks and then you just wait. While you do any other things at GTA Online, Store the technicians passively depending on the chosen business were in the nightclubs on until the corresponding storage bar is filled. If a beam is full, it assigns to the technician of a task that has not been stored.

As soon as your bearing is completely filled – Gay Tony calls you and complains about the too small camp – make you to the sales mission.

IMPORTANT: MAKESS TO BUY THE GREAT PLAY VEHICLE AND MOTZT THIS WITH TURNING, WELLSUCHSEFORE TIPS AND HAIRMING FACILING SALE ENORM. Sales vehicles in the standard version keep as good as nothing and as soon as they suffer too much damage, the profit of the goods contained in it is flute!

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