Peyote locations in GTA V: where you all 27 Peyote

The Next Gene Update for GTA V is there and with him new players who have not experienced the Peyote plants. Peyote are a kind of cacti, who have hallucinogenic properties, and in GTA V they are no different. There are a total of 27 Peyote plants, each of which offers the players a different out-of-body experience in which they can play as one of the animals in GTA V. We start in the north and make us the way to the south towards Los Santos. Here are all Peyote locations in GTA V.

1. Paleto Bay – Offshore Rock Bow

The first Peyote is located in the ocean that can be hard to find. In front of the coast of Paleto Bay you have to find a curved rock with corals under water. Here is the Peyote.

2. Paleto Bay – Park bench on the hill

The second peyote stands on the hill in Paleto Bay on a park bench. If you are in the park, climb the hill up in the middle and the Peyote plant will sit next to it.

3. Mount Chilliad – gondola station

Once you are on the gondola station on Mount Chilliad, go behind the station yourself and go to the path. Look for two wooden poles with red flags on it. There you will find the third Peyote plant.

4. Mount Chilliad – Northern Cliff

For this you definitely need a helicopter. If you fly towards the north side of Mount Chilliad, you will see something that looks like huge steps in the mountain. Go to the second step-like cliff and find the fourth peyote behind the edge of the cliff.

5. Mountain Gordo – Bergsee

In the middle of the mountain Gordo is a lake. The fifth Peytoe site in GTA V is here. Find it on the eastern shore next to a tree.

6. RATON CANYON – Rock Formation

Between the two northern pots in the RATON CANYON is the sixth Peyote location. You will find it on a rock formation north of the river path and south of the mountain path.

7. RATON CANYON – prospect

While you are in the RATON CANYON, the seventh Peyote location in GTA V is at a lookout point. On the path that leads to the east, you will find the viewpoint and the Peyote plant is located on the right of the structure.

8th. Alamo Sea – northwestern alcove

The eighth Peyote Plant is located east of the Calafia Bridge in the northwestern corner of the Alamo Sea. Look for the round niche and the Peyote plant is located directly east. It sits on the seabed.

9. Northeast Pacific – shipwreck

The ninth Peyote plant is located around the shipwreck in the Northeast Pacific. It is not hidden somewhere in the shipwreck himself. Instead, go north of the shipwreck and look for the seabed after the Peyote plant. It will be near some rusty rods that protrude from the seabed.

10. Ra wind farm – caravan park

Back on dry ground, go to the caravan park in RA wind farm. When they arrive, surround the back of the caravan on the right side of the entrance. Here you will find the tenth Peyote plant.

11. Grand Senora Desert – Hanging

GTA 5 - All 27 Peyote Plant Locations Guide - Play As Animals Easter Egg Tutorial (GTA V)
This peyote location is a bit hard to find. For this you need a car. Southeast of the Redwood Lights Track and around a tree on the slope is the eleventh Peyote.

12. Grand Senora Desert – Harmony oil fields

North of Harmony’s oil fields you will find Peyote twelve. Look for the oil drill and go north of it. Surrounded by other scattered cactuses, this Peyote is located.

13. Mount Josiah – north of Fort Zancudo

The thirteenth Peyote plant is located north of Fort Zancudo am Mount Josiah. You have to enter this and drive around the north side. As soon as you see a river path, go up the mountain. Around the trees and bushes on the river path you will find this peyote.

14. West Pacific – Lago Zancudo Outwash

Unfortunately, there is another underwater peyote. This is located directly west of the lago Zancudo behind the bridge. Center with the bridge and swim out. Looking for a rowing boat on some rocks, and the Peyote is located just south of it.

15. Tongva Hills – Two Hoots Falls

When you drive up the Tongva Drive, turn into the circle of the Two Hoots if the three streets meet. Climb the rocks up and you will find Peyote fifteen sitting on a rock.

16. Vinewood Hills – East Galileo Avenue

Northwest of the Sisyphos Theater and Northeast of the Galileo Observatory at the East Galileo Avenue you will find Peyote Sixteen. As soon as the road starts to curve into the loop, go to the dirt road, past the stone steps and the barrier. Continue straight ahead until you see a group of bushes. Behind it hides the Peyote.

17. Vinewood Hills – Marlowe Drive

Northwest of Vinewood Bowl, in the middle of the forest, you will find Peyote seventeen. This place is located directly south of Marlowe Drive. It is also east of the trail.

18. VINEWOOD HILLS – Sewer of Normandy Avenue

The eighteenth Peyote plant is located directly north of Normandy Avenue, where three streets meet. Get off your car at the intersection and go behind the houses. Where the Peyote is located, you will find a sewage pipe.

19. Genry Manor Hotel – Dachbalkon

On the top balcony of Genry Manor Hotel is the ninetenth peyote plant. It is located on the south side next to a potted plant.

20. Mirror Park – Terrace in the backyard

Drive at Mirror Park in the northernmost Col-de-Sac on the east side. Go behind the third house on the right to find the Peyote Plant on the backyard terrace.

21. Eastern Pacific – Small Island

The twenty-first Peyote location in GTA V is located on the small southeastern island in the eastern Pacific. On the south side of the island lives the Peyote.

22. El Burro Heights – South Parking

South of the Murrieta oil fields on the coastal road you will find a parking space. Park in the parking lot and go from the parking lot towards the coast. Peyote twenty-two is located next to a tree on the floor.

23. Airport LS – Southeast Harbor

Southeast of the bridge at La Puerta Freeway is the twenty-twentieth Peyote site in GTA V. Swim down the seabed and find it between some corals.

24. Airport LS – Los Santos Customs

The twenty-fourth Peyote plant is located at Los Santos Customs. Drive the side street of the store and behind the steel beams next to the school bus is the Peyote.

25. The gate – baseball field

This Peyote plant is behind the batsman area on the baseball field La Puerta. North of the Maze Bank Arena, just north of the river.

26. Vespucci Beach – Roof terrace of the Magellan Avenue Hotel

Eastern of the del Perro Piers and two houses Next is the twenty-sixth Peyote plant. It is located on the roof of the hotel, which is easy to find by looking for the sun loungers on the roof.

27. Del Perro Pier – under the pier

Drive to the end of the pier and jump off. The twenty-seven Peyote plant is located on the seabed in the middle, but a bit south of the pier. There are several large rocks in the area you can find by looking for the white petals.

And there you have it, all 27 Peyote locations in GTA V . Further information can be found in our GTA V-Guides.

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