Tunic The Librarian Boss Fight Guide

From lush gardens to the deepest of ancient structures, and now on top of a tower at the top of heaven is where you will find the next Sayo Boss Fight, Librarian. This is your first encounter with a flying chief, this problem is further aggravated by the small combat sand for your poor fox affected by gravity. In this SAYO The Librarian Boss Fight Guide, we will explain the best strategy when you face The Librarian and what you will be rewarded.

Obviously, this fight will take place at the top of the great library. You will arrive here climbing all the way from the Ruin Atoll. This fight will be the first fight of a boss against a flying enemy, so make sure your Magic Orb is always equipped.

The librarian himself has a sword that at a short distance will blaze you. They will also be launched towards you. Another of the attacks of him will be completely disappearing, only to reappear about you and nail his sword on the ground by creating an expansive wave. Make sure you are ready to dodge the road as soon as the librarian reappears. After nailing his sword on the floor, even if they will stay trapped by a few moments, there is also a land electricity, so it is not a good time to attack.

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The librarian that moves away floating from the sand can balance his sword and send a wave of vertical or horizontally dark energy. If the blow is vertical, it will leave a wake of fire in its path, but it is not so difficult to dodge. Dodge towards this attack if it is horizontal, or towards size if it is a vertical blow to leave unharmed. If that was not enough, The Librarian also has a ray attack, will raise your sword and shoot a laser. He slowly sweeps the sand, so be sure to stay out of his way.

In addition to being careful with the librarian, they will also have a series of electrical clouds / dark energy balls that will appear around the sand and will charge you. You can divert them with your shields. Another thing to take into account is the invocation of enemies, with four appearing at once, you can be dominated very quickly, so be sure to dispatch them quickly.

The main strategy that will want to find here is to wait until the librarian is close enough to the stage and use the magical orb to attract them towards you. If he approaches her enough, the librarian will fight against you at a short distance for a few moments before returning to take off. Divide the fight into two parts, a traditional Sayo combat and the other is almost similar to the hell of bullets.

After defeating The Librarian, you will be rewarded with the green key that is used to unlock another seal in The Heir prison.

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