Private Division announces agreements with four other independent studies

Private Division, the Editorial Seal of Take-Two, has announced new agreements with four other independent studies.

It is about Die Gute Fabrik, Evening Star, Piccolo Studio and Yellow Brick Games, studies that according to Michael Worosz, Executive Vice President and Director of Private Division, “are developing titles that represent a wide range of genders with which it covers different audiences of the industry”. All of them, yes, are in a state still very primitive, and the first of them is not expected for before fiscal year 2024.

Piccolo Studio, for example, is the study settled in Barcelona published by ARISE: Simple Story in 2019, and currently work on a new IP with Private Division. According to the co-founder of the Studio Alexis Corominas, “In Piccolo Studio, we created very personal stories, focused on universal issues, who have an impact on all our players, we have our stories in a unique way and we are delighted to have found a publishing company that supports Our philosophy and is the same as involved as us in which our stories reach a greater audience. “

Evening Star is the study that founded several developers who worked at Sonic Mania Plus. Its first game has not yet been officially announced, but it will be a 3D action platforms using an own engine, Star Engine. According to Dave Padilla, his creative director, “Our intention is to focus on the unique environments of the team and take advantage with the aim of creating exciting experiences of our particular artistic sense. Private division is a fabulous partner, and his team feels the same passion Towards our project. As our study grows, we love to share news about the new world we are creating. “

Die Gute Fabrik, founded in 2008, is responsible for Mutazione, a title that received prizes at the Independent Games Festival and in the 2019 Indiecade. Its Creative Director, Hannah Nicklin, said that “we get excited to see how much that Private Division shares Our philosophy on the experience we want to create for our audience and the values ​​with which we work in the process. We are excited about our next adventure game and with the team that we have formed for its development, and we are looking forward to telling you more about it. “

What is a Division?

Finally, Mike Laidlaw, creative director of Yellow Brick Games, added that “we want to do something very special for our first title, and collaborate with Private Division gives us the backup to create a truly memorable video game,” in reference to the RPG that they are preparing. Yellow Brick was founded in 2020, and has among his staff with people who worked in franchises such as Dragon Age, Assassin’s Creed or Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six. Laidlaw himself, in fact, is known for having been creative director of the Saga Dragon Age in BioWare.

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