Sandbox, Literature Talk Performing Performing Performing Performing Performance of G-Dated Season 2 18

The entertainment torque show that combines the game and humanities ‘G-expression night’ comes to the viewer with a new season.

Sandbox network (representative, Palm, “Sandbox”), said on May 18, on May 18, on the 18th, on the 18th, on the 18th.

Sandbox by Edward Albee

The night of G-expression is a torque show type entertainment program that analyzes the game with various perspectives such as economic, history, science, art, and religion together. The night of G-expression, which was first introduced last year, was awarded a differentiated game entertainment with the existing ‘Gambang (Game Broadcasting “content, which was the center of the game,

In this season, a fund manager who is receiving a full support of 2030 game enthusiasts, a fund manager who is receiving a full support of the game Mania viewers, Youta, a former Ginsa Developer and the Planning Team, Science YouTube ‘No Science’ orbit, the only Egyptian expert in the Domestic Egyptian expert, and the company in the Egyptics Institute of Egyptology, and the director of Kwak Min-soo appeared as a panel. In addition, we will invite every specialist guest to provide more accurate information.

“The Night Season 1 of G-expression,” G-expression’s Night Season 1, “GAT Night Season 1, has achieved a lot of game industry and fans with a lot of game industry officials and fans.” This season In addition, we have advanced more advanced formats and breathing with performers. “

The Night Season 2 of G-expression is from March 18 (Fri) 5 o’clock in the ‘Gin of the Gin, and’ channel of Kim Sung Meeting, KT OLLEH TV VOD service, viewplay and podcast service pod, can be viewed on the 18th. The first time the disclosure of the guest is a torque that is exciting with the “Sherlock Holmes: Chapter Won”, with the detective of Kim Soo-hwan, from the detective.

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