The Transformer decks construction game reveals an expansion of Rising Darkness

Renegade Game Studios is sweeping with your series of deck construction games, which now includes Power Rangers, GI Joe and Transformers. Now they have revealed a new expansion for their Game of Transformer decks entitled Rising Darkness, which presents a competitive and cooperative game, although the most exciting part of expansion is that it presents playable decepticons. It also brings rules that allow players to create a team team against team, which will face Autobot players against DECEPTION players when combined with the basic transformers set, although Rising Darkness is an independent expansion, so still You can play it without the nucleus. Set if you wish.

If you book at the Renegade online store, you will get the bonus package, which includes a playable character (Astrotrain) and four main deck promotion cards. As for the rest of the whole, it comes with 174 Autobot and Decepticon cards, 6 character charts, 10 meeting cards and 5 reference letters.

The Transformers Deck-Building Game: A Rising Darkness is now available to book, and sells retail for $ 45.00. Rising Darkness will arrive at stores at some point in this year, and you can find the official description of the expansion below.

“Become a powerful Decepticon and compete to defeat the Autobots in this independent expansion of the Transformers Deck Construction Game! This expansion is compatible with the main game and will offer 2 main game modes: competitive mode (the decepticons fight between them face the autobots) and the cooperative mode (the Decepticons join their forces to defeat the Autobots). This expansion also introduces rules for team games against team, presenting DECEpticon players against Autobot players when combined with the basic set. “


Play as Decepticons!
Independent expansion
Combine it with the Core Set for Games Team vs Team!
Explore a matrix of letters to discover allies and enemies

Transformers Deck Builder l Playthrough l with Bairnt (Also seen on Meet me at the Table)
Content summary:

174 Standard Size Cards (including Autobot and Deceptic cards)
6 cards of large characters
10 meeting cards
5 reference letters
take a look

Number of players: 1-5 players
For ages: 14+
Play time: 45-90 min
Game Type: Expansion Set of Deck Construction Games, Independent Expansion

What do you think of the Rising Darkness expansion? Let us know in the comments or, as always, you can talk about everything related to Transformers and boards with me on Twitter @MattaguilarCB!

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