Pokemon Go: The smoke

In connection with Pokémon Go, these days make the Hashags #hearusniantic and #nianticDidnthearus the round. Why? Because a lot of players from Pokémon Go after the Effective Adaptation of the Items smoke with standstill of the coach still complain about how sensitive and community foreign this decision is.

A short recap at this point: On March 1, 2022, the people of Pokémon Go partially announced only with a few hours lead time that the mode of action of the Item smoke is adjusted. One of the Coronaboni of the smoke was that he also attributable to the coach with increased effectiveness Pokémon. Then every 30 seconds Pokémon appeared in your proximity, even if you have not moved. Meanwhile, this bonus was abolished and the standstill effectiveness of smoke is back on a spawn every 5 minutes. Although the effect of smoke now stops 90 instead of 60 minutes, but even that does not help over the enormous spawn-nerf.

Weeks after adaptation, the fans still go to the barricades

Meanwhile, on March 17, 2022, that is, about two and a half weeks after the smoke was adapted, the mats of the fans are still heated. On the one hand, they disturb that the standstill bonus was taken, although Corona is still topic and formally exploding infectious numbers worldwide.

Other players keep it for unfair that the effectiveness of the smoke at standstill will be touched at all. People who need to work, people with disabilities, people who are currently in brenzy situations can not even distract themselves properly with Pokémon Go.

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With the revival of the hash tags #hearusniantic, players try to convince the developers that the smoke change is bad. The hashtag was also used in adapting the interaction riches of Pokéstops and Arenas, and the community resistance finally showed fruit – The range remained at 80 meters .

And then again the Pokémon-Go communication

Finally, the fans of Pokémon Go are again faced with a bad communication strategy by Niantic. In the past, the developers of Pokémon Go made clear to the Corona bonuses that they want to announce changes with a lead time of at least one month. In general, a greater focus should be on transparency. Now the people of Niantic behave more true to the motto “What cares me yesterday?” And thus push the fans back the head. No wonder the players of Pokémon Go have been brushed for months on riot.

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