Pokemon shares the trailer of anime special one hour for the 25th anniversary

The Pokémon __ The anime franchise will soon celebrate its 25th anniversary and has launched a trailer of viajes Pokémon special one hour for the occasion! Pokemon Journeys has been the perfect series to celebrate such a landmark, since it has opened all the past of the franchise to new adventures. Ash Ketchum has been found face to face with several family friends and enemies in the course of the series so far, and the series does not have signs of stopping. With the anime fulfilled 25 years this April, Pokemon Journeys is beginning to the big one with the return of old friends and enemies!

Kalos, Where Dreams and Adventures Begin [FULL EPISODE] ???? | Pokémon the Series: XY Episode 1

Episodes 103 and 104 of the series will be transmitted consecutively on April 1, the 25th anniversary of the Anime Pokémon franchise in general. These two episodes will see Ash and Goh go to the Kalos region, since Ash is assigned the next battle in the World Coronation series. Now that he is facing the toughest coaches who remain in the Ultra class, Ash returns to the Kalos region to face Drassa de Elite Four and meet with some old companions to help him train for battle. Look at the trailer of the special one hour below:

Episode 103 of Viajes Pokémon is titled «Ash and Clemont! Great friendship training! » And it is officially described as such (seen by @AnipokeFandom on Twitter), “Located in the Kalos region, Lumiose City will be the next headquarters of the Party of the [‘World Coronation Series’]. Before the game, Ash and [Goh] visit the Clemont Gym Leader and the sister of Him Bonnie, who once traveled with Ash. Ash receives a special Clement training in the form of a Pokémon battle, but something seems to be wrong with Sirfetch’d?! And DracoVish is curious about Sirfetch’D… »

As for episode 104, it is titled «[Ultra Class]! against Elite Four Drassa! » And it is described as such (seen by @AnipokeFandom on Twitter) “The opponent of Ash at the [‘World Coronation Series’] is Drassa, a member of Kalos Elite Four, which ranks 12 in the [Ultra Class]. He is kind at first sight, but his struggle skills are super radical. Ash challenges Drassa dragons specialist with Sirfetch’D and DracoVISH! But can Ash defeat an enemy so strong? After meeting with Clemont and Bonnie, brother and sister, who once traveled together to the Kalos region, and after a special workout with them, Ash will be able to see what kind of battle shows against Drasna, a member of Kalos Elite Four… »

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