Is there a change of day and night in Gotham Knights?

Unlike Arkham games, the action of Gotham Knights occurs during a series of nights, and not one night. Many wondered if there would be a day and night cycle in the game, where the player determines when certain things occur.

Recently Creative Director of Patrick Redding and Producer Fleur Marty met with IGN and told about how the story will work on time scale. His daily and night cycle is not common; In the afternoon, players will be on the bell tower, at the headquarters, and at night they will wander through the streets.

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It is assumed that the game will pass “a lot of nights”, but it seems that it does not mean that you yourself decide how many nights it will take. When you wander through the streets and are looking for evidence at night, there will be no 24-hour hours, and instead you have to decide when to return to the bell tower.

The game will be held on the bell tower during the daytime. This is a place where players manage their characters and progress, but it is also a narrative space. Superheroes patrol at night and hide in the afternoon, so that such a temporary scheme makes sense.

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