New World: Amazon does not surrender and presents the novelties for next year of the MMO

After long moments of concern about the MMO of Amazon Games Studios, New World, finally seems to see the future, since the communication teams have presented the road map for next year. From this season (spring) Until this fall, New World teams have been showing their novelties.

A concrete date of launch has not been announced, but we can be happy to see that developers are listening to the community and bringing many things that players have requested.

New World Spring

For this month of March, as we already know, a new dungeon will make his arrival: The heart of the storm . This will end the arc around Isabella, the antagonist. The dungeon is completely new and has a design that exceeds all the raids already known in New World. To avoid spoiler, we will not reveal anything about it, but it is important to emphasize that this dungeon is simply excellent compared to others.

The month of March will also be covered with a new weapon, trabuco , a strength / intelligence weapon. It was designed for exotic Build, but especially for magicians who would need additional help in the body to body, because yes, the trabuco is far from being a firearm similar to the musket. Its rank is relatively short.

Amazon's MMO Mess - What Happened To New World?
Later, between April and June, we will have the right to arrival of Arenas 3v3 , which is good news for PVP players who are tired of waves and wars. This winter, the developers had confirmed that they were working on the subject as well as in a new way of rewarding the players in PVP , but they had not taken news since then. But now we know it with certainty: the sands will arrive this spring with a list of rewards for PvP players.

A light summer for aeternum

From June to September, the content of New World will be something more lighter. In fact, developers have simply confirmed that they will implement the automatic group in the dungeons : a tool to find dungeons without going through the communication channels. We do not know how the latter will be implemented or how it will work, but this request will eventually be fulfilled by the players.

However, content will also be offered, such as the arrival of a new dungeon . Then A summer event will be proposed , as winter convergence. Very little information has been provided, but the next few months will allow us to know more.

A colossal autumn for New World

The most anticipated period is autumn, since this season will be dotted with a large influx of new content, including the new region “Sulphide” . Although it is already possible to see some elements of this new region, there is currently very little information available. However, many data miners have found some elements, but nothing really allows them to have an idea of ​​what it will be.

This new region will logically be plagued by numerous monsters than killing, new missions, a new expedition, but above all the arrival of a new weapon: the great sword. Turkulon will also return for lovers of hunting and delusions of greatness. Then, a new seasonal event will point the tip of the nose of it; Halloween seems to be at the point of sight, because his name is “Nightvale Hallow”.

Then, finally, it will be brought a classification system . I still do not know what this is, but as with the search for groups for dungeons, more information will be given in the coming months.

Although it may be disappointing to see only the new region, developers strive to offer quality content. In view of the mistakes of the past, it is even better to see this new area appear one year after the launch of New World, because mistakes are no longer welcome in the genre.

Patience is the mother of virtue and New World still has something to excite the players.

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