Birds and insects are huge until Buri! Online multi-enabled survival ACT “Smalland” to be adventurous as a dwarf ACT “SMALLAND”

England’s Developer Merge Games has published the latest gameplay video of action adventure “ Smalland ” under development on March 23.

This work is an action adventure that corresponds to single and online cooperation / match multiplayer, which is expanded from the three-person point of view of the “Daisen Land”. The player will be able to build a familiar resource to build a familiar resource as a dwarf, a bird, mouse and worms, and make survival.

Today’s GDC 2022 is currently in the United States, and Gameplay of 3 minutes by Danny of Product Manager and Community Manager. In addition to architecture, crafts, combat, sandbox-style online survival games, you can also see conversations and quests with NPCs.

In this work, there is one RPG element, such as the factors and backgrounds of the stage that will be the stage through NPC and quests, and the existence of a natural ally or the existence of creature factions available.

“Smalland” that is also enabled for a complete solo player is for PC, and in Japanese, early access will be started in STeam.

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