[Caution Caution Quardis] Could the Digital Platform Government to succeed

Digital Government Program of Taiwan
Gears have been made. The Digital Platform Government, which was, was a reality as his election. It is easy to eat but it is difficult to digest. This should not be a bit of a sip. In the Information Communication (ICT) field, smart city is. Anyone speaks Smart City. But it’s really difficult to realize this. This is because several factors are composite as well as techniques. It is easy to eat, but it is like being hard to digest. Moon Jae-in government initial smart city was yo, but now it is now. I feel like I’m going to draw a tiger as a cat. The Digital Platform Government is also concerned about it. Everyone speaks easily the digital platform government. This is rare.

A couple of people who met somewhat recently came up. His voice was high. “When the government 3.0 did not succeed when the Government 3.0 is not successful, he said that the president was not successful, and the portal has made it a portal. I can not receive it. “

The Digital Platform Government is a picture. In addition to the ICT industry, the general public is in the mouth. It will be a big issue that states that Yoon Suk-yeol’s success and failure of five years. Can the Yun Government be able to successfully build the digital platform government? Besides, are you exporting?

The reporter is concerned about the digital platform government. It is also true that ICT dedicated unemployment officials on the acquisition are not 1. It is a goodness. The 4th Army industry revolution is so emphasized so, and the subjects shall be shaken (惡 惡).

The core of the digital platform government is not a digital and platform. Data. The data is holding the digital platform government success key. To succeed in the Digital Platform Government, you should lead to a professional who knows what data flows as if the data flows as water flows. This data specialist is not visible around the entrance to the acquisition and Yun Elementary.

The Digital Platform Government of the Yun Government The designer is known as a professor of Kim Chang Kyung, who participates in the acquisition. He said, “It is a system that can benefit from a long period of time, as well as a long period of complaint and administration as a long period of time, as well as” a single click with a single click “in an interview,” he said. I have a concrete example. “Now, if an individual is to receive a welfare support, we must find several national agencies such as the National Tax Service and the Health Insurance Corporation. This is not a true digital government. This is not a true digital government. It is to provide custom policies. ” That’s right. The Digital Platform Government plays that role. But this is a conceptual, but it is a completely different problem to realize this concept. In reality, there is a person problem with the technology. The technology is the basis and people using this technology are important.

It is often said that the platform’s data should flow as water flows. This is a negative. It can be said that anyone should. The person who knows exactly the meaning of this word is rare. It is not that the data flows like water is that data is different from one place to one place in either water as water. The data can not. It is not such a word, but it says that the original data that occurred in either time is to live again in any other place where the time is required. The original data that was in a static state is necessary to move back. If any purpose is caused, the data was done again, depending on whether this purpose was dying, and it is a data property that repeats, and this is a data life cycle. It is a platform to give this cycle gently like water.

The data is often generated without a child or an adult. One thing that people are working with people are all data. Data is a lot of data and is changed. The Digital Platform Government is to write this individual data anytime, anywhere in public purposes. The e-government in Korea is the world’s best. The actual work system is not impaired. Buddha system is good. Yes, I am only looking at the National Tax Service to jurisdiction. Homes are well linked to other departmental business systems such as health for national benefits. That is why national life is comfortable. The problem is that the current government system can not be used at any time when a national individual data scattered in each minute is scattered.

The Digital Platform Government is doing this. Then, in addition to the technology, the behavior of the civil servants that handle data should be changed. In addition to technology, we have to fight the ‘Giant Dinosaur’ called bureaucracy. When the digital platform government is successfully established, the effect is rod. First, the magazine of the officials will greatly reduce. Whether the responsibility is clear. You can solve the real estate problem with this presidential election.

Small companies, 10 people, are not easy to change the computer system. This is because you are not going to change the currently writing. The president will change the carrot and the celestials and continue to float. This is a small company, and the digital platform government is a public servant over 1 million opponents. It is necessary to have a tremendous ring and carrot.

I have seen a person catching a person in the last government. When President who does not know the robot, he made a ‘Robot Fish’ and manages the river, he made a lot of money and a lot of money. The president who does not know the data attributes was to open public data, and as a result, indisputing public data was opened.

It is also worried that to export the digital platform government. Korea has built the world’s highest level e-government, but this is the questions of the export item. The e-government is only one information system. It is not simply a dimension to export the technology to export the information system. In addition to the information system, you should be in accordance with the culture and behavior forms of the country. If you miss this part, export fails. The system is not a problem. The reason why the e-government history is over 50 years, but the reason for the export performance is poor.

To successfully build the digital platform government, you should have a professional group that you know well with the data attributes. Here you have to give them the dinosaurs of the Rocker.

Recently, there is an impressive city (the phrase). There is no flower that the flower is a rough bloom / this world. It is a verse of the poet of the poet to discrete. One flower is rough. It is a digital platform government that receives the attention of the whole country. If ‘Cat’ is coming instead of ‘Tiger’, it is nationally exceeding the Yun Seok-yeol government.

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