Netflix acquires a new game studio

Netflix Games acquired its third video game study this week by Boss Fight Entertainment for the growing vertical of platform games. Amir Rahimi, Vice President of Game Studies of Netflix, announced the acquisition on Thursday and said that the Texas-based study will accelerate the goal of Netflix to “provide Netflix members excellent games wherever they want to play them.” No new games were revealed in which Boss Fight Entertainment was working at the time the acquisition was announced.

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Boss Fight Entertainment has existed since 2013 and has launched two games so far. The first was a mobile role play called Emafe de Mazmorra while the second was a casino game called myvegas bingo. It will be the last of several acquisitions of videogame developers that Netflix has announced in recent months.

“Boss Fight’s mission is to provide simple, beautiful and fun game experiences to our players wherever they want to play,” said Boss Fight Entertainment Founders, David Rippy, Bill Jackson and Scott Winsett, in a statement included with the advertisement of Netflix. «Netflix’s commitment to offer games without advertising as part of the subscriptions of the members allows games developers as we will focus on creating fun games without worrying about monetization. We could not be more excited to join Netflix at this early stage as we continue what we love to do while we help to shape the future of the games in Netflix. “

The first acquisition of a large Netflix studio was Night School Studio, the developer of -bull of oxen and _libre of oxes II, joining the main transmission platform. After that, Next Games, the developer of Stranger Things: Tales Puzzle, The Walking Dead: Our World, _ and _The Walking Dead: Nobody’s land was acquired by Netflix to mark the second acquisition.

Rahimi’s statement on the acquisition concluded by saying that Boss Fight Entertainment will continue working on his various studies that already exist.

“We are still in the first days of creating excellent game experiences as part of their Netflix membership,” Rahimi said. “Through associations with developers from all over the world, hiring the best talents and acquisitions like this, we hope to build a world-class game study capable of bringing a wide variety of charming and deeply attractive original games, without advertisements or content In the application ». Shopping, our hundreds of millions of members around the world ».

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