“Elden Ring” Item Description Text is tight for capture hints. How far do you know

In “ Elden Ring “, a flavor text is provided for all available items. A rich text will be colored with the contents of the world of this work, and a word that will be blessed with a relatively different part. Some of them include not only narrative but also those including gameplay and capture, so no flavor text is not scolded. Especially in this way, there are many players that have not been confirmed because there are many different items compared to the past through software works.

In this paper, we first introduce various item effects that can be overlooked in the flavor text. In the second half, we will introduce the text that is the tips for capture and event progress. Note that this paper contains an item name, an image, etc., so it should be noted at the time of browsing.

First of all, the ruins stone that can be picked up from the early stage of the game. It can be seen that if it is a material item, if you read the text, it can be seen as an attack item that actually casts and throws it. It is an item that is useful in the early stages and enemies in the flying tools. However, even if it comes to the remarks, there is no difference with the stones, so it falls below as soon as possible. When the distance is open, it is hard to hit on, so let’s throw it into consideration.

There are many other items that are also explaining the details of the flavor text in the flavor text. For example, an enchantmented lipid item is enchanted by a string with a string, but a disadvantage that the effect time is shortened. A grinding wheel blade that can give a warmer and attribute to a weapon describes the terms of use such as the corresponding passed ash and attributes. In addition, the flavor text of the bell and the format method can check the added item and production item (except for the NPC bell ball). In addition, there are numerous items, and even if you read the text, it is difficult to notice the effect. In the explanation of the crystal throw arrow, which is the item, “Golemian engineer used” is described. Based on this description, if you attack this item several times in this item in the Golem-based enemy (including the impute)…. I would like to check the effect by your eyes.

Not only items, but also for war and magic and prayers, and the detailed effect, such as being used while walking, long-press, it can be confirmed in the flavor text. In addition, there are also sectors and sectors in the magic and prayer of this work, can be confirmed from the text. These not only exist as settings, but also equipped with the corresponding cane and the sanctuary to enhance the effects of magic and prayers. As a concrete example, the plow of lightning, which is the prayer of the Kingdori Furusu Faith, is strengthened with the Seishi Seems, and the crushed crystal, which is the magic of the crystal, is damaged with crystal wand. Enhance. In addition, since the sorcery and prayer’s school and sectors are categorized by using item type sorting in the inventory, it becomes easy to confirm.

Also for equipment, the presence or absence of additional effects can be confirmed in the flavor text. Although there are many additional effects in the head protection, it may be given to weapons and shields. Equipment with changes in the status is relatively easy to notice. However, there is also an equipment that does not notice additional effects without flavor text without flavor text without flavor text, such as the effect of attacks such as Shotel and other attacks, and the enemy rising buff when the enemy is given a partial equipment. Above all, the Sentry’s Matsuaki is a weapon that is a countermeasure against the non-visible black blade’s hits, but the existence and acquisition place include the information of the memo that can be purchased from a merchant near “Morarishi Ohashi”. It may be difficult to notice if it is not. In this way, it will be a deep attraction depending on the player, even if there is a combination of only one item’s text but also a combination of knowledge in a wide range of games.

In addition, there is a flavor text in the spirit of the ashing that will be served in some areas. In their text, in addition to character introduction, special abilities may be described. For example, if it is a big rack’s hope, there is a special ability such as “increasing number increasing”, and if it is a sheep of a skeleton, “never burned,” exists, such as. How can I read the spirit of interest in reading the text and make it a new partner?

From here, we introduce the flavor text on capture and event progress. Please be noted at the time of browsing because it contains slightly spoilers.

First of all, about key items that have important meaning in the progress of the game. Among these items, some of the capture large tips are listed in the text. Representative examples include deptasse. Decktas’s coup is an item that needs to be aligned, but in fact, the other party is being revealed in the text. Not only this item, but when you pick up a key item that you’re stuck or using it for capture, it would be nice to read the flavor text first without being impatient.

Lastly, about the item called the call voice. There are several variations in the calibration voice, and the corresponding words will be replaced instead of the fader. It seems like a communication item in online play, but in fact, the event progress hint is also hidden for this call. Several types of series items are likely to miss the flavor text, so there are many people who miss it. The hint is hidden “You are beautiful”. In the text, “It is surely Mother’s words”, and based on the acquisition location, the other party to put this word may be inspired. Let’s pay attention to the NPC that falls in love with your mother.

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The world of “Elden Ring”, which was carefully made to the details. In order to aim for a complete capture, it will be necessary to absorb and associate game knowledge from the conversation with the flavor text and NPC. The quest play that does not rely on the capture information is broken, but the joy is also a pleasure when discovering something in itself. Sometimes the message left by the precedes may help you (but “a liar”. People who have already finished playing until clear, while reading the flavor text carefully, how is it to explore the world of this work?

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