Conduct online presentation today! Development of 2 new games using IP, PLAY & EARN introduction “Browndast 2” Teaser video is also released! !

Neowiz Co., Ltd. Online presentation was carried out on the company’s official Youtube channel.

At the same publication, we informed that we announced the development of two games using the “Browndast” IP, and the introduction of PLAY & EARN in the global version (scheduled April 21).

# Development of two games using “Brundast” IP

# # Visual Nobel RPG “Browndast Story” (tentative name)

It is a visual novel RPG that inherits “brundast” stories, combat, artwork, and spelled like a picture book.

While maintaining fun, such as “Browndast” unique combat method, you can slimize the volume of the content and enjoy it more light. The goal of starting service in summer of 2022 and plans to start pre-registration in May.

# # “Browndast & Puzzle” (tentative name)

It is a game combining “Browndast” and 3 match puzzles. The puzzle’s original fun is characterized by the combination of mercenaries that appear in “Browndast”, and we will solve the puzzle while taking advantage of the characteristics of each mercenary. Challenge mode such as Guildlade, League Battle is also scheduled to be implemented. The service start is scheduled to be announced later.

# “Brundast” PLAY & EARN deployment in the global version (scheduled April 21, 2012)

April 21, 2012 (Thursday) [Schedule] adds a new server to the existing “Browndast” and deploys Play & Earn.

The service is based on the unique block chain platform “neopin” * 1 and converts the “cleaned tera” that can be acquired in the game into “Brave token”, which is the in-game token through the “smelting place” system. can do.

In addition, prior to PLAY & EARN introduction, we will provide an air drop that provides a cryptographic asset “KLAYTN” (KLAY) for free. (Each name may change)
* 1 “NEOPIN” is a block chain platform that has been released by NEOFLY (representative: Oh Sunghon), NEOWIZ Holdings, a block chain specialty subsidiary.

At the online presentation, future roadmaps have also been released.

After the introduction of PLAY & EARN, the Staking service is started to “Neopin” within 2 quarters, and the 3 quarters will open a mythem mercenary NFT issue and exchange. In addition, 4 quarters will continue to expand services such as NFT addition issuance.

PLAY & EARN dedicated site (English only) URL


# “Browndast” Birth (Korea) 5th Anniversary Update

We are planning to update “Regression and Evolution” concept.

Mythic mercenary · Rune, new PVP, growth content Mercenary Transfer, Raid Boss, etc. The origin regression to the “Browndast” unique to the “Browndast” originally the start of the service, and the original point regression to the fun of.

The same update is scheduled for Thursday, January 21, 2012, and more details will be announced.

# “Browndast 2” Teaser videos released

At the online presentation, we published the Teaser video of “Browndast 2” (provisional name). You can also check the animation-style background and the characters with animation-style backgrounds and fields.

Online presentation conducted from 11:00 on March 29, 2012 (Tuesday)

# # Visual Nobel RPG “Browndast Story” (Temporary Name) Image Cut

# # “Browndast & Puzzle” (Temporary Name) Image Cut

# # Update Image Cut

# # “Browndast 2” image cut

App Download

Google Play Store: https: //

Apple App Store: https: //

<“Browndast” Japan Official Twitter> <“Browndast” Japan Official Site URL> <“Browndast” Japan Official LINE @> ID : @ vhn8820u

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