How to help games of our spiritual health (and how not)

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Mental illnesses are like Command & Conquer 4: About it is reluctant to do not best. It could help many people when we got more open with the topic.

Gaming also helps – even twice. On the one hand, video games can improve understanding of mental illness if they are correct. On the other hand, those affected in games can get to know themselves better.

What that means, and what can be done correctly or (very!) In the presentation of mental illnesses in games, the Gamestar discussed in the podcast with Michael Graf. With this:

  • week editor-in-chief Rae Grimm with games like Call of Duty. Warzone and Sea of ​​Thieves saved through the pandemic.

  • Jolina Bering , which participates as a psychologist among others at the Games and Psychoogie Podcast Behind The Screens , gives sport psychological consultations and writes as a free author for week.

Content warning: This podcast and the articles of mental health theme week are dealing with various aspects of mental health and sometimes include examples of negative emotions and unhealthy behaviors that can trigger negative reactions in some people.

* Important note: * If you have depression or self-destructive thoughts: you are not al1. Please get help. For example, in the German Depression Help under 0800/33 44 533 or free advice centers.

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In the podcast, the three, why games like Call of Duty: Warzone (Really Read) or Destiny can help our mental health, what we learn about ourselves when playing ourselves and what popular errors there are mental illness (no, psychosis and psychopathy **not the same).

There are also a lot of examples such as Celeste, Psychonauts 2, The Last of Us, Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice or The Cat Lady and analyzed, as psychic diseases are presented therein. Rae also introduces the indie title The Average Everyday Adventures of Samantha Browne and Child Words .

An important request: Since our articles from the Mental Health Week are more sensitive topics that have partially requested us a lot while writing, we ask you for a friendly and understanding comment culture at this point. Thank you and have fun reading!

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