Nightmare Reaper: Much praise on Steam – is the shooter

After almost three years development time, Nightmare Reaper has left the early access phase, the retro shooter is thus officially d1. On Steam, the game is currently quite a praise, from about 1,065 reviews 95 percent are positive. Since the game is still relatively unknown, there is hardly official reviews, but at least the first votes are already guessed: Nightmare Reaper is an insider tip for retro fans. Also we played a few hours and had really fun with the thing: Nightmare Reaper floats on the success wave of games like Project Warlock, which shows itself mainly on retro graphic style: The shooter relies on pixeled 2D sprites and extremely coarse Designed levels, but thanks to a clean lighting still quite atmospheric. Initially, you are in pitched caves, and later you also visit mushroom grottoes, forest areas, office space and libraries. (One foretaste you get in the release trailer.) Although the detail style is clearly a taste issue, but whoever can make friends is rewarded with a motivating shooooter that brings a few good ideas under a hat. Already alone the heroine in the Edna break-out format is unusual: You play a young woman who (initially) in her tristen room in a psychiatric clinic is locked up. A few notes on the desk indicate a tragic background history that holds comfortably. But Action is set on the schedule, because as soon as our heroine lays down to bed, she is shipped into one of her nightmares.

Rogue-Lite meets Looter Shooter

These nightmares consist of dark, sometimes random levels, in which we basically do what was already announced in the early 90s: glow pastures, find keys, open doors, find outward. Every now and then there are also small chambers where short jump and skill deposits are full of traps on us, most of the playing time is reserved for the pure, satisfactory action against Strunzblöde opponents. There are about 80 (!) Pistols, rifles, garnet and rocket launchers, swords, whips, magic sticks, worm stars, magical books, and a lot more to choose from. There is something for every taste. (Highly recommended: The chainsaw!) In addition, many weapons have a secondary fire mode, which offer you even more opportunities to process your enemies for pixel porridge.

Good mixture

To earn even more months, we get a billing after each level: If we do all the opponents, collect all treasures and discover all secrets, there’s a decent gold bonus. As a result, we are motivated to really see every corner thoroughly and pay attention to brittle walls, behind which secret chambers can lie. From time to time, there are also small random events, which ensure surprise moments: there may be a particularly robust elite opponent, which also loosen a dozen missiles. Or there are suddenly a few hundred barrels in the area, which we all delicious crushes to curse the loot in it. From time to time we also discover images of doctors, in which we can change the rank of a weapon or change a bonus property.

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Nightmare Reaper Review - Full Release

Nightmare Reaper [Source: Blazing Bit Games]

A real highlight is also the sound: fighting the game with hearty guitar reefs for tension ensures, while exploring the events will be atmosphered by quiet sounds. The rich sound effects are also a plus and miss many weapons the necessary wasches. If the pixels fly (and do that!), Get really mood. The music was composed by Andrew Hulshult, who has already established themselves with games like Dusk, Amid Evil, Doom Eternal: The Ancient Gods or Produs as a top address for shooter.

With this mixture Nightmare Reaper undoubtedly fun, all ideas grab each other. However, the game shows – like so many retro shooters – after a few hours of first wear phenomena. Most elements are repeating quickly, even if we get all the pair of Level a new setting. Nevertheless – or especially therefore – Nightmare Reaper but is great for a game in between, where you can easily switch off its brain for half an hour.

Anyone who liked to shot through Project Warlock and may like pixeled retro action, Nightmare Reaper can travigate without hesitation. On Steam and Gog there is a free demo. According to the developer, the finished game is to comprise three chapters with 7 to 10 game hours each. If you like the concept, you can grab Nightmare Reaper for around 21 Euro. Even more retro shooters we have put together for you in this special. Nightmare Reaper is only available for PC, console sockets are (yet) not announced. To home page to the gallery

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