LOL: Pantheon is already better in the PBE with a surgical buffet of Riot Games

Since the 12.6 patch has already reached League of Legends, it is time for Riot Games to work on the test server in the next version of the game. The PBE is already receiving some details such as the new Skins Arcana, but also the first large adjustments at the balance level of what will arrive at the Moba within two weeks. That is the case of Pantheon .

The old aspect of Mount Targon’s war is about to receive balance changes that, although they are not enormous in depth, yes they can give an improved quality of life to the users of this character. We went to detail the concrete changes to each of the champion skills that are being tested in the PBE.

All the proposed changes to Pantheon

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@Thetruexy on Twitter, a League of Legends designer associated with Riot Games belonging to the Crack team of the invoker, just published in networks the settings superior to Pantheon. He says that the goal is to improve the champion, although they are not potential or focused buildings to improve one thing.

What we can see is an improvement in the rank of the Q, but a decrease in width, something that will benefit players with more experience in the champion. The absence of slowdown when going back with the E will be important to deal with gankeos in line phase, while the 0.25 seconds in the R will improve its roaming. For this, the price of losing some base life regeneration is paid.

If Cuajan, these changes will be available within two weeks together with the League of Legends patch 12.7.

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