Age of Empires 4 sheds light on his season 1

Changing Lighting in AoE4's Engine!
If more than 15 years have elapsed between the outings of Age of Empires and Age of Empires 4, it is certainly not to let the latter fall asleep. Five months after its launch, the strategy game will start a seasonal system to feed its community.

This season 1 whose deployment will take place soon takes the name of FESTIVAL OF AGES and propose classified seasons, a beta content editor, mods, seasonal events with its share of rewards, significant changes in balancing as well as Changes thoughts to improve gaming experience.

Classified seasons are aimed at the most competitive strategists who want to climb in the ranking and unlock rewards by completing the seasonal challenges of the game, which will be unveiled soon. As the name suggests, the Content Editor is a tool that will customize its parts and redo the story as it is by trafficking all kinds of parameters. In the coming days, the developers will also reveal some mods developed internally as well as useful tricks for creating your own mods.

The complete list of adjustments will be available at launching the update, but we are already talking about a global queue for improved construction and shortcuts. Finally, two additions will also enrich the game: a challenge The art of war advanced combat and the very random card Megarandom.


Age of Empires IV – Trailer of the season 1 “Festival of Ages”

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