3: 2 Against Blue-White 90: Kruschke crowns Herthas catching up

Three games were scheduled for Friday night, all three finished short – including the encounters of the pursuers. Hertha Zehlendorf struggled to a late 1: 0 success against undertaking SFC Stern 1900 Berlin. The golden goal achieved fruit whose failed shooting attempt was somehow found the way to the goal, only in the 89th minute.

The final match of 3 wall small ball handball doubles and everyone is exhausted

The Greifswalder FC was also heavy at the 2: 1 success in the reserve of the FC Hansa Rostock, which was not rewarded for its dedicated appearance. At first, the guests were at the pusher, which went to their first chance in front. Appiah stopped the slob after a Richardson cross and squeezed the ball over the line. Knapptel later even had the chance on the 2: 0, but his header made only aluminum. After the thick chance for the GFC, the HANSA-U-23 was offensive even more actively and immediately by Schumacher, who moved from the outside into the middle and sank the ball worth seeing. The hosts then even had two ways to turn the game. However, they should then meet again guests in person of Richardson, who was served by Appiah this time (39.). The second round then had no major highlights ready. Hansa was endeavored around the balance, but came against a stable GFC defensive but only once really dangerous to the gate when Bachmann missed a Hahnel shelf.

Important points for the Brandenburg SC 05

In the third freeday game, FC Mecklenburg Schwerin beat MSV Pampow at home thanks to a Witkowski penalty with 1: 0 (54th). On Saturdays, the Ludwigsfelder FC and the RSV Eintracht Stahnsdorf then aqueous, while the Brandenburg SC 05 Süd in the basement duel against Lok Stendal three important points took on the account and has been unbeaten since three games. Mustapha presented in the 21st minute. Zambak’s double stop in the second passage within 120 seconds made the BSC victory perfect (68., 70.), which climbs in place 15.

Because the MSV Neuruppin lost the next day at the SC Staak with 0: 3. Through one was still extremely balanced. Neuruppin stood defensively well and made the rooms for the SCS, which lacked the breakthrough and ideas, tight. After the break, that changed. Staaken now acted a more purposeful and went through free forest technically fine volley shot in the lead (56th). Adewumi then set in the 78th minute after porcini mushroom work on 2: 0 – the decision. In the 89th minute, the freshly substitute Neumann put his first contact with his first contact and with the help of the pole three. By victory, the SC staak is also back in the ascent race, which is another tick more exciting after this matchday.

At the same time as 3-0 of the SCS, leading runner blue-white 90 Berlin lost its guest appearance at CFC Hertha 06 with 2: 3 and that despite a 0: 2 break guide. Brömer (10th) and Lopes de Oliveira (28th) ensured an actually soothing lead after half an hour. But the blue-whites did not manage it. In the final phase, the Charlottenburger wowed her chance. Sennur shortened first in minute 78. Atici only met five minutes later. For the Pointe from the point of view of the host, Kruschke made in the first minute of the nighttime time. The blue-white ones stay at the top, but at the pursuers, but 1. In addition, with the SC Staaken and CFC Hertha 06 two other teams are back in beat distance.

Also not crowned by success was the way to the Rostock FC for TSG Neustrelitz. The hanseats missed by a 0: 1-bankruptcy – Guth headed the only goal of the game after a corner (32.) – again slightly to the table tip. Nonetheless, it is still possible for the RFC, the three games and seven points less than blue-white 90. Finally, Eintracht Mahlsdorf’s descent grandate SV Victoria Seelov was still clearly 6: 1.

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