Soon to PS4 / PS5 – Unpacking told me his thrilling story only with moving boxes

Unpacking looks at first glance like one of these games, just curious. Power Wash Simulator, lawnmower simulator – and now just a move simulator. We pack cartons, Haha, curious! But behind it hides so much more: Unpacking manages to tell an impressive way to tell a sensitive, emotional story with which I would not really expect. Good news: Soon all with a PS4 and PS5 enjoy this little pearl.


Unpacking also appears for PS4 / PS5 and you should not miss that

Soon also on PS4 and PS5: PlayStation has announced that unpacking also appears on PS4 and PS5. Here you can watch the appropriate trailer to give you a first impression:

That’s why you should play it: Unpacking connects some very different things together and does the impressive way. I was extremely positively surprised how much can be told with as simple means. Actually, we only pack cartons. But we learn extremely much about the protagonist * in, your life, low points, setbacks, progress, passions and much more.

David Whey

Actually, I just wanted to give way a bit, because I just really like to do that (even if it does not necessarily look at me at home). But then I suddenly have a really lovable, queer story told about the main character of the game – only with moving boxes and their content as well as environments! That did unpacking for one of my absolute favorite games 2021 and impressed me hard.

Unpacking: packed me the Zen factor, touches the heart warming story

Love at second glance: Personally, it took me a bit first until I really got warm with unpacking. I was actually for the relaxing zen factor, I just wanted to just unpack a few things and spaces neatly – that calms me and fun. But then the main character collapses with an obviously annoying person who actually has no room for our whole stuff (and a terrible taste).

At some point we luckily pull out again. Although that means to return to our parents to the old nursery. But what does not have to be bad in itself: For those who remain in it, can also experience how the leaf turns again.

In the end, everything was worthwhile, the main character of unpacking has grown in the experiences and has evidently found his new dream home. With enough space for all the smallestones gained with the years and treasures. Little is more satisfactory than finally have as much space for rumming and unpacking.

Unpacking shows how much our possessions reveal about us

Of course everything stimulates to think , how much our possessions say about us: What do we take into a new apartment, we can not part after many years and what can we place where and how prominent? Is there enough space for us? All this leaves some really deep and who plays unpacking will inevitably think of his own interior design – and maybe one or the other in question.

How does unpacking look for you? Will you get involved in it or may you even have played it?

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