Özils advisor explains: Thats why no salary in Arsenal

More than a year after Mesut Özil’s farewell to the FC Arsenal, his counselor erased Erkut Sögüt with rumors, after which the World Champion of 2014 from money greed had rejected a salary in the Gunners during the Corona Pandemic. Unlike a large part of the squad, Özil had refused to agree to a salary reduction by 15 percent.

“As far as the salary talent, he had asked me where the money goes,” Sögüt said in an interview with arsenal fan TV. He continued to led: “Mesut wanted collateral from the club that no one is released. Management should also participate in a salary reduction.”

If it had given this insurance, says Sögüt, Özil had even renounced even more money, “30 percent” as he explains. “He just wanted to know where the money is going. He did not want a new player to be paid, if it had gone to secure jobs, he would have done it,” says Sögauut.

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Özil left London in January 2021 towards Fenerbahce Istanbul. At the Turkish traditional club, it was last no longer round for the 33-year-olds. Fener suspended the playmaker without official giving reasons, which Özil has learned according to its own statement later later. According to information World Champion by Goal, coach Ismail Kartal was already dissatisfied with Özil’s condition.

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