The cute dice game of the eastern secondary creation is officially released-I was taken! Todays Steam Featured Games 4 Select [April 4, 2022]

STeam where many new titles appear every day. I would like to check the high-attention new work, but there are many people who can not catch up with the release of the release?

Therefore, the GAME * SPARK editorial department “ within 3 days with early access and formal release ” “” Condition of “” has exceeded 100 cases (whether the number of popularity and unpopularity) is more than 100 ** ” Introduce the new title of the freshly picked and picked new title! Check out in this article if any title is attracting attention to Steam now.

# Knightfall: a daring journey

This work is a Battle Royale & Racing game that one pair of knights aim to win the rose. While the up to 20 players are participating, we will run through the village from the village while defeating the hostile player with guns and grenades. The village that the number is low as it goes is pointed, and it is a place to evacuate to not freeze at night, and it is also important as a supply place for guns and bandages.

# Toho Expo-Ayaria’s Date Birthday: RECREATION (Early Access Graduation)

This work is a land developed dice game based on “Touhou Project”. Based on the coterie game “Toho Expression P1”, the graphic is redefined and the HD recreational version is added with new elements. The player shakes the die for each orering and the game progressed while developing his own land. A total of 20 Gensokigo girls appear and multiplayer with friends can also be played. It also has map editor-functions that can create original maps.

# Coromon

This work is a monster collection RPG affected by the “Pocket Monster” series. A long time ago, I arranged “Pokemon” of the two-head-oriented period in the contemporary style and is drawn by a dense dot picture. Colomon is mounted more than 100 types, and types, characteristics, skills and the like are different. Of course it seems that there is also an evolution element. Travel each place while leaving the difficult puzzle and dungeon and aim for the Colomon Master.

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Midnight Ghost Hunt

A multiplayer carp of 4 ghosts and four ghost hunters “Midnight Ghost Hunt” has started early access. The game is divided into two parts, and the ghost hunter is a ghost hunter wins with radar, traps, and weapons to annihilate the other’s ghost. The ghost side runs away to the object, hidden in the object and escapes to prevent annihilation while interfering with the ghost hunter side, and if the ghost is alive, the ghost side is alive, and the ghost side revives and gets powerful ability Midnight Mayhem “starts. The ghost hunter who was hunting is the target side of the second half of the side.

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