Pokemon Go Stunky Spotlight Hour: Can Stunky be shiny?

It’s a new month Pokémon Go and that means a number of new spotlight hours you can look forward to. The first Spotlight Hour in April focuses on Stunky, a pokémon of the type dark and poison. This is a great Pokémon when it comes to defeating Cliff, Sierra, Arlo or even Giovanni itself. Here is everything you need to know about the Stunky Spotlight Hour in Pokemon Go.

Stunky Spotlight timetable


Like all Spotlight Hours also finds the Stunky Spotlight Hour at Tuesday, April 5, from 18:00 to 19:00 Local time . During this time, Stunky will have an increased discovery rate in the wild. The Spotlight Hours also increase the chances to catch a shiny version of the Spotlight Pokémon. The question is: Can Stunky be shiny?

Can Stunky be shiny?

Stunky can be shiny in Pokemon Go . These are great news for shiny hunters and casualists alike. Instead of Stunky’s purple coat, the shiny version replaces it through a pink. Especially when pink is your favorite color, you should look for the shiny stunky. To catch it, just go out and search for Pokémon in the wild, either with the help of frankincense or easy by running around.

Stunky Spotlight Hour Bonuses

Which during the Stunky Spotlight Hour Active Bonus is 2x sweets transferred . These are great news, if you try to develop your Salandit, or if you just need more sweets for a specific Pokémon. Remember that this bonus does not only apply to stunky. Stunky can also develop into SKKTANK, which can also be shiny, so keep that in mind. Stick as many stunky as possible while the Spotlight Hour as possible to benefit from the event.

Next Spotlight Hour-Pokémon

The next Spotlight Hour-Pokémon will be Bunnelby which can now be captured by field research in April. We will not betray if it can be shiny or what the Spotlight Hour bonuses are. Turn on next week to find out.

And that’s all you need about the knowledge Stunky Spotlight Hour at Pokemongo. Further information about Pokemon Go can be found in our Pokemon GO instructions. We cover everything from Spotlight Hours to new raids, new field research and how to turn off the members of Team Go Rocket. Whatever your interests or needs are, we have everything for you.

Pokémon Go is now available on mobile devices.

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