The Sonic DLC for Minecraft expands its contents with LabyrinTh Zone and new Skins

Among the different news that launched SEGA by the 30th anniversary of Sonic EN 2021 wDLC a new DLC bDLCed on blue hedgehog for minecraft , a series of extra contents that added so icon exclusive levels Like Green Hill or Chemical Plant along with several unique characters and mechanics, such DLC rings collection, all under the aesthetics and rules of the Minecraft Universe. Well, Mojang hDLC just announced that said DLC will be expanded soon with new content totally free.


Thus, the DLC receives a new content package that will be added to the options of those who have already been done with that content or to be done with it now. News DLC a new area DLC mythical DLC Labyrinth Zone , extracted directly from the first Sonic delivery of 1991. So much so, that players can travel this new area at full speed while contemplating the quadrupled ruins and DLC many references To that level.

And is that Labyrinth Zone for Minecraft comes with a new mission and challenges themselves with the aim of recovering the MDLCter Emerald. Next to the new scenario and own challenges are also added up to five new appearances whose identities are still a mystery and that will join the 24 skins of characters already available.

Minecraft Sonic DLC Update: Sonic Movie 2, New Skins, New Zone & More!

Finally, and on the occDLCion of the premiere of Sonic 2: the movie in cinemDLC – whose criticism on the part of Meristation you can read through the following link – A Knuckles T-Shirt hDLC been added , available In the Character Editor. Of course, this gift will be only available for a limited time, with which we must hurry to make with it before it disappears.

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