Marco Rose directs haunting reminder to BVB

Before the Bundesliga match against VfB Stuttgart on Friday (20:30 clock), Borussia Dortmund’s coach Marco Rose has been fighting fighting despite the increasing criticism. The BVB coach sent a haunting reminder to the professionals.

“We work every day. With all criticism: I should be part of the solution, I am responsible for improving and bringing on the things. If we do not get that constant, it is clear that I am also the responsibility Wear, “said the 45-year-old at the press conference before the game at VfB Stuttgart.

The right attitude is an important topic for him, underlined the BVB coach: “This is a point on which one has to get into it again and again the football develops. If we do not take care of it, it can happen that we can happen Losing the connection. Only playing nice, that will not work anymore. “

Bellingham struck

In the game against the VFB Stuttgart, the BVB wants to show the required attitude. Jude Bellingham, who had to shorter the past days because of a horse kiss’, is now available to Rose. Also, Erling Haaland, who was last struck at the ankle, is ready for use.

The BVB is currently ranking nine points behind FC Bayern in the Bundesliga. Despite the upcoming upheaval, the focus will be “on the daily business”, Rose said.

The most important statements for reading:

+++ Rose over paint +++

“He came here with difficult physical conditions. That’s what we worked up. Of course, he did not meet in the battle rhythm. But we all see him. He is great top. He is fast, but he had bad luck. I faith That Donny will eventually come to a point that trust feels 100 percent, he can explode. “

+++ Rose over Moukoko +++

“I work every day with the boy and believe that I have a decent wire to him. He was so often injured and was almost never available. It is part of the truth that he was injured too often and then takes time again, I would like to pure him more often. Maybe there was also the moment when he offered himself, and I did not bring him. I suppose the shoe. But he had so many injuries. “

+++ Rose about the deficits +++

“We work every day. With all criticism: I should be part of the solution, I am responsible for improving and bringing on the things. If we do not get that constant, it is clear that I am also the responsibility Toten. Of course, part of the training is also the video analysis, but also the ability to run a lot to lead many two-fighting and I’m back on the topic. This is a point on which you have to get in again and again. There, the football develops. If we do not take care there, it can happen that we lose the connection. Only nice to play, that will not work anymore. “

+++ Rose via the power fluctuations +++

“We had enough experience against Leipzig on the lawn. We have enough national players who can take the note of trade in hand. If you have seen the game between Villarreal and Bayern yesterday, what was there for a pace, we see us. This is our claim. Again and again the right mix to stay with us, but to stay with us in the 90 minutes and Borussia Dortmund Like not ignore football, that’s hard. “

+++ Rose to Bellingham +++

“He got a horse kiss and it has gotten better from day to day. He could run yesterday. Jew has ever signaled that it looks quite good.”

+++ Rose to the Marco Rosey situation of BVB +++

“This topic I listen to the last few days and weeks again and again again and again a very great respect. Regardless of the outcome of the last game, we have made ourselves the best possible to end the season. For us it’s normal topics, but for us it is now: ‘Focus on the daily business’ “.

+++ Rose to the staff +++

“Es gibt keine größeren Änderungen zum letzten Wochenende. Felix und Nico werden nächste Woche wieder im Training sein. Jude konnte diese Woche kaum trainieren, wird aber im Abschlusstraining erwartet. Erlings Knöchel geht es ok.”

+++ Die BVB-PK beginnt +++

Marco Rose betritt das Podium. Die Dortmunder Pressekonferenz beginnt.

+++ Haaland droht Negativrekord +++

Erling Haaland wartet beim BVB bereits seit 295 Minuten auf ein Tor. Im Spiel gegen den VfB Stuttgart droht dem Angreifer ein Negativrekord.

Haalands längste Durststrecke in Diensten des BVB dauerte 323 Minuten. Damals blieb der Skandinavier im Januar und Februar des vergangenen Jahres länger ohne eigenen Treffer. Was sagt Trainer Rose zur Schwächephase seines Stars?

+++ BVB will Wiedergutmachung betreiben +++

After the 1: 4 defeat against RB Leipzig Borussia Dortmund guests in the Bundesliga at VFB Stuttgart.
The BVB wants to operate against the Swabia.
But the Stuttgarts were able to recharge confidence in recent weeks.
So the VFB in the last four Bundesliga games took eight points and ranked over the line than 15.

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