Victory in Game Three in Nuremberg: DEG completes the quarterfinals

On Friday evening, the substitute DEG again won the decisive third pre-play off game at the Nuremberg Ice Tigers with 3: 1 (2: 1, 1: 0, 0: 0). Nuremberg had no mini-series no 24 hours earlier only by a 6: 5 after extension. In the first two games, circle had still missed for urgent private matters.

“A very heated series”

On Friday, both teams went again a thrilling duel. “A very heated series,” Nuremberg’s Marko Friedrich explained after the first third of “magenta sport”. Seven times of time there were in the first 20 minutes in a toxic guided game. The first PowerPlay used the DEG directly to 1: 0. Captain Alex Barta was on the 6th minute. Friedrich replied prompt to Nuremberg, but the Ex-Nürnberger Daniel Fischbuch used a great Pass of Brendan O’Donell for renewed DEG leadership (12th).

In the second third, Nuremberg continued pressure, then had 59 percent puckbesitz, but the gate made the guests again. And again to overnight. O’Donell moved after a fish book pass, Blake Pillett faked unhappy (32.).

Sheehys monster chance

As soon as Nuremberg also tried – Captain Patrick Reimer met the latte – the puck did not want to go to the gate. Also not two minutes before the end, when Nuremberg had six field players on the ice, Tyler Sheehey freely before the empty gate came to the conclusion, DEG-Torwart Mirko Pantkowski but with a sensational SAVE the 3: 1 saved.

Quarterfinals Leaderboard is A MESS ft. Brian Friend

Fish book and pantkowski outline

Outstanding players were fish book and pantkowski. National Tower Fish Book was directly involved in all three Düsseldorfer goals and has already collected eight scorer points after three play-off games.

For the passionately fighting DEG it was a victory of the will. In the injured Kyle Cumiskey and Marco Nowak, two important defenses were missing. Nuremberg had in the “all-or-nothing game”, on the other hand, all the man aboard, even Chris Brown was allowed to play again despite his match punishment on Thursday.

The quarterfinals at a glance

The quarterfinal is complete now. From Sunday to play title defending polar bear Berlin against the Cologne Haie, the Straubing Tigers against the Adler Mannheim, the Grizzlys Wolfsburg against the fishtown penguins from Bremerhaven and Munich against Dusseldorf. On the progress of three victories per series are needed.

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