[Preview] Suddenly a fury? Trickical, how are you changing

The game, which was better known as the name of Dijim, rather than the title, trickical trickical tricks for a while in the month of the month, a moment for a while. If you have seen a little bit of your feet in a subculture, the forces of those questions, the number of people who have a lot of money, the number of money, a character, the so-called “Person”, the black money of the so-called ‘pastur’ was a tricky. The proposal (?) I also introduced a shocking change that changes the title.

If you really want to tell you in advance for the user who really really believe, this is a story. I am a long time ago, I have a long time ago, I can not be sensitive to the material that Huhpo Ho is extremely divided in the urban legend that came from.

Usually, when a game that does not show, the game is rare, it is rare, and it is rare for the community on the community that is rarely shocking, not a shocking or breakthrough. However, trickical was somewhat different. If the artist became a topic in a community, it is a game that is a subculture user, and it was a game that has been in a single twice, and it was a game that has not yet been formally released.

Strictly, it was released once last September, and eventually, it is a state that it is alive and switched to a beta. After the test was tested until October 2, I declared a smoke with a weapon until I uploaded the quality. In the meantime, the Art Director Dijing has been discovered as a health problem, and some users have marked whether to release whether they could launch.

However, last April, I have been disclosed by one by one to the users if the tricky is steadily looking for a steadily, as well as a tricky. Although the release date has not been released yet, the tricks that have been turned on, but the tricks that have been turned on, but the tricks that have been improving nearly half a year since the open beta conversion and release of the open beta.

■ Dija-ja, Dija Gam? Design keynote is maintained and developed while the workpiece is medium in the middle

Although it was ahead of the previous mention, Dijin is a health issue, and it is a health issue that has left the emfate Games from January 19 this year. It has been revealed that it has already been hoping to have been hoping to have to leave the health problem before OBT. I was widely known that my neck disk is not good when I was active as a formal writer in Rost Games, and I was already in a good idea when I work as a official writer, We have provided it. Nevertheless, his throat is not improved, and it was reported to have been relaxed for two months. And recently, it is a situation in which I am getting a good idea of several IP’s Goods illustrations.

Many fans showed anxiety as soon as the news was transmitted. By striking the tricks, the trickical is strictly speaking because it was a previously open beta. In the meantime, the story of the character with the character and the feeling of a cute look in the unique view of Dijab was a favorable story, and the questionnaire who was in charge of one axis of the dijing, I have to present it.

The emfate Games side explained that Dijing has been made based on the work, which is working on the workpiece Games, and has been described based on the work on work. Dijin was an art director and a main illustrator, designed various settings and circles, illustrations, and artwork, and art teams were the way to create stance animation and game combat SD based on the art of three characters.

In addition, the game of the game is not only dijing, but also a story writer, but also participates in some tasks, and the two people have been working on the cities and illustrations after they collaborate. Based on this, the art team has made work, the game SD, an animation, and now, as well as the two writers have worked, they have been working on the work, as well as cyan.

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Dijing has ever been left, but the art team continues to work in the art team based on the work, and the distinctive picture of the district that left. And since November last year, I have been steadily working on a character, and I am disclosing the work to users. According to the current epidal Games, the project team is about 20 in the first quarter of 2022, and the Art team is capturing four more of them, reducing the process of analysis, reducing the process of reproducting and reducing the process.

■ UI / UX convenience, trickical tricks that entered overall actions to gameplay from effects from effects

In the first time, the trickical is a game of a real-style illustrations that were prepared by adopting the ‘Rolling Champs’, the ‘Rolling Champs’, the “Roll Chazes”. Then, Dijing was a new tricky as it joined the Art Director and the main illustrator and recruited the story writer polka. In the process, it turns on the collected RPG, but in addition to the illustrations of the dijing, it has left the Otob Release Element to leave other factors with other collected RPGs.

In fact, the combination itself was not bad, but the combination itself was not bad, but the trickical of open beta points showed an unfinished figure, as the combination itself was not bad. For example, Otob Relevent is a taste that is tasted by increasingly a stronger, while selling the loss with a lot of rounds. It is fun to have a combination that has a combination that has a combination that has a combination that has a combination that has a property or a value that each of each lobes has a synergy that has the attributes or values each of each other.

Unlike this, trickical adopts three wave assets such as general collected RPG. Then, I was difficult to collect the loss that you want. If the level is climbed, when you get a loss, you’ve got a lot of summoning, which is written when you get a lot, and if you place a specific race on the stage instead of a race synergy, you have compressed and complemented the prison process in a way that adds a certain race to the stage. However, it is highlighted that the utmost fault is relatively difficult and lacking strategic that utilizes the racial synergy.

Looking at the collected RPG, the combat effects have not only lacking a monotonous and fostered goods, but also lack UI / UX convenience. It is the end to raise the skill level and increase the intimacy, and the same as each class, and the order of attacks or attack procedures have not been confirmed inside the game, so I had to see the attack on the official cafe.

Immediately after deciding to switch to OBT, trickical decides to maintain their original account information completely, but ultimately, the user understands the user and predicts a massive change. It is difficult to provide a good experience to improve the game on the line maintained by the existing account information, and it is said that it is difficult to provide a good experience, discarding existing open beta builds and establishing a new. In addition, we have reorganized the planning team and expand the external cooperation while recruiting the senior planners. However, Google plays that are not guest information, the accounts that are interlocked on Facebook are maintained, and the reorganization of the system, and the removal of goods or characters would be replaced with other goods.

Once you have seen the changes that have been revealed so far, the genre itself seems to be a combination of automotive and collected RPGs as before. If you select a character, it is placed, and duplicate it, because the character is enhanced.

▲ Developer notes published on the first day of 2022
However, the users are able to see more intuitively, while the character focuses on what more characters are emphasized. In the past, the character was relatively small, and several characters in the side were gathered well like a card face, which was a way to arrange one of them.

However, when it is recently released to the developer notes, it was presented in the form of a card, and it was streamlined in a form that is automatically placed immediately after purchasing. Of course, I was able to manually change the location. It also specifies the ‘basic batch character’ that can be put immediately with the start of the stage, and the randomness of the early randomness is reduced and the strategicity was increased. In addition, we have changed to evolve according to the number of stripes, character accumulating recruitment, which is a traditional Otoba-fulley that evolves three units to the next step.

In addition, the “Battle Item”, which is available during the start and progress of the stage, is also added. It is an item that gives monsters to damage or gives a variety of effects to host recovery, as well as purchases from the Battle shop phase, but also from monsters, as well as monsters, It seems to be more random and strategic.

We applied a character-specific level system to the character, and when you reached a difficult stage, you have grown up and more easily. The level allowed to be able to strengthen using the experience of the experience of experiencing through the battle.

Princess Connect Re: Like a dive or blue archive, you have changed the Story Tab after the stage to go to a separate story tab and you have changed the story of the story in the form of a story in the existing way to go to the story.. The stage combat method has been changed in the form of advance along the stage, not the way it combat in the existing fixed position. In accordance with him, the existing area and background asset are also on the front renewal, and adding new backgrounds.

In addition, it is said that the monster type was too small in the OBT, and the pallet swap was mainstream, and the pallet swap was mainstream. Then, the character is not only the character on the developer notes, but also the monster,

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