SEGA gives news from its Great Game range range

Here is one year ago that Sega comes from his desire to cross a landing by creating a new category of “Super Game” games, without the players really knowing what to stick. As part of its recruitment campaign, the publisher published an interview on the subject with Executive Vice President Shuji Utsumi, producer Masayoshi Kikuchi and Chief Executive Officer Katsya Hisai.

The first important point to emphasize is that the term “Super Game” does not designate a single game but a range of big productions that must meet a number of criteria. At a minimum, a “Super Game” must therefore be an AAA game, be multiplatform, be located several languages and exit anywhere in the world simultaneously. Nothing good from the common paper, even if you feel that Sega is trying to roll up the sleeves to create more blockbusters to the world using modern technologies.

Currently on all lips, the Unreal Engine 5 engine will be for example, but it is also the case of Microsoft’s Azure Cloud technology, as previously announced. Sega takes over multiply partnerships of this kind with specialized companies, for example in artificial intelligence. Ah, and history of forgetting no buzzword in what remains above all an interview to make the shareholders dream, producer Masayoshi Kikuchi believes to mention NFTs as a “natural evolution” video game as well as the cloud. We’ll see, huh.

The good news is that the global ambitions that Sega feeds with these titles do not lose sight of its specificity of Japanese developer. Even though the “Super Game” project is destined for the world, SEGA considers that the key to success will be to cultivate its Japan. This does not mean that only Japanese developers are involved, the teams that can include foreigners living in Japan, but these are naturally already susceptible to the cultivation of the archipelago.

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Hard on the other hand to imagine Sega making the announcement of his first “super game” soon. For now, only about fifty developers are involved in these projects, which should, however, monopolize hundreds of people. These developers are based on all horizons: the console, but also the mobile and even the arcade. In its financial results published last year, SEGA announced wishing to invest up to 100 billion yen (732 million euros) in five years to meet the ambitions of its “Super Game” project.

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