Pokemon Go: Shiny Cancer Corps everywhere – or only in the safari

Pokémon Go people would like to return to the usual gameplay of the Ar pocket monster hunt despite any pandemic challenge and management: coach of Pokémon Go should be out of the fresh air and move! Therefore, from the 13th to the 15th of May in the Spanish Seville the first Safari zone of the year 2022 .

Highlights of the event within the closed area in the Parque del Alamillo are raised shiny spawn chances of Rettan, Pikachu, Mochollo, Kleinstein, Ponita, Tauros, Voltilam, Traunfugil, Panzaeron, Dog Caller, Miltank, Roselia, Sunstone, Herurgast, Floink, Kapuno and Leuho. And then is a very special guest: Shiny Krebscorps (and thus also Shiny Krebutack), which is the first time in Pokémon Go. The question is only…

IT TOOK OVER 1 YEAR TO FIND THIS SHINY POKÉMON… Sentosa Safari Zone Event! (Pokémon GO)

Shiny Cancer Corps only in Seville in the Safari Zone?

Pokémon Go’s people have brought in the past more frequent Shiny-Pokémon to celebrate a safari zone event. So this time it is Shiny Cancer Corps – and usually it will not only appear in the Safari zone with happiness as Shiny, but everywhere in the world.

However, the event website for Safari Zone in Seville formulates the whole thing a bit restrictive. Under the item “Event Pokémon” is noted: “The participants of the Pokémon Go-Safari Zone in Seville meet the following Pokémon” and then “with happiness, you even meet a dazzling cancer cup!” That sounds like only players with a ticket for the Pokémon Go Safari Zone in Seville could meet the new Shiny. As already said: It is customary that Safari zone-shinys are released worldwide on the player’s player and we do not assume that this will be different this time. It is still a bit of May until May, the developers of Niantic will be able to express themselves unique until then.

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