Mario Kart Tour already dominates downloads on more than 50 markets

Even with the server problems that have affected the game to launch and a controversial pricing system that can leave some players in the dark, tour of Mario Kart had no trouble dominating the moving circuit.

After its exit yesterday, sensor tower recently reported that the iPhone version of the last mobile effort of Nintendo has already become the first free application for iPh1. And not only here, but out of 58 markets in all. This includes Japan.

As far as revenues are concerned, however, it is not quite the best payer. At least not yet. Sensor Tower noted that the race game is in the 19th place with respect to sales in the United States. This does not include global turnover.

Although the game is not the number one at all levels, its success is undeniable. The latest mobile version of the company, DR. Mario World, has not even been able to enter the top 500 of the leading income manufacturers for iPh1. And Heros of the emblem of the Fire, which has been very successful since its launch in 2017, reached 17th place during its launch.

Emptying the Token Shop Pipe, ROUND 2 | Mario Kart Tour | Yoshi Tour

So during Tour of Mario Kart is a good start, all eyes are turned to users to see how they react to the microtransactions of the game. This includes an extension pass that opens certain events in the game, as well as Optional purchases to make the game playable, which is expected to cost about $ 10.

It will be interesting to see how its progress will continue in the coming weeks, but hope that Nintendo will continue to make improvements because it could go through the distance.

Tour of Mario Kart is available for download now.

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