CALL OF DUTY adds multiple advances in Godzilla in Warzone

It seems that it called duty: war zone_ is prepared for the arrival of the very king of the monsters: Godzilla. Call of Duty has crossed with cinematographic icons such as John McClane, Rambo, Ghostface and Jigsaw, but there has never been anything like Godzilla. For many, having a giant monster is a bit out of place for a Game of Call of Duty, it’s a little higher fortnite ‘s alley, but it seems that the beloved military shooter is committed to the bite. Earlier this week, a brief progress was launched from the next season of content and mocked a lot of the arrival of Godzilla to _ Calloon of duty: war zone.

Now, users are further discovering progress on the arrival of monsters as Godzilla. To begin with, a new advance was launched that shows new weapons masks for Call of Duty: Vanguardia and zona of war that seem to be inspired by both King Kong and Godzilla. The weapon design of the latter gives the weapons a scaly aspect with bright blue stripes and a canyon that looks like the mouth of Godzilla. ModernWarzone also found a strange domino effect that occurs in the ocean in front of the coast of Caldera in zona of war suggesting that Godzilla could emerge from there at any time. Twitter Fabllegend User I also found a poster in Rebirth Island showing a giant monster who breathes a little atomic breath. Of course, all this could be just a great coincidence, but it would be striking if this does not become something.

Earlier this year, the experts claimed that a Godzilla and King Kong event was preparing for zona of war, but the details were scarce. It seems that the island will be conquered by monsters at war and players will have the task of ending them. _zona of war has presented PVE events before, usually to lead to the progress of revelation of the upcoming entrances of the main line in the Call of Duty series, but this is certainly different. The new Call of Duty season is scheduled to start on April 27, 2022, so fanatics can expect to get more information at that time.


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