Ultimate equipment load in Elden Ring: How to find the Talisman arsenal of the big vessel

In addition to the many busts of ELDEN RING listed in our test, one of the largest ones is probably the sheer number of possibilities and options. Whether as a naked carpenter, powerful magician or carrier tank: you can tackle the many challenges of the role-playing game as you want – although we always put our tips and tricks to elden ring.

However, that the player category “strong sign, even stronger armor” comes to your expense, it needs a high equipment load : The heavier your elevator, the slower you move namely and roll is then very fast only a miserable Attempt of a Purzelbaum. The talisman “Arsenal of the big vessel” creates remedy here, because it increases your equipment load considerably.

Where can you find the big vessel in Caelid?

To get this valuable piece of jewelry into your fingers, you have to go to the living pot, which is located in the north of Caelid in front of an untraceable arena. But to achieve the big vessel, it is easier to say than done: The way there is a quite adventure. You have two possibilities.

For example, you can ride from the marsh of Caelid towards the large arena in the north until you come to a large crystal and a seemingly insurmountable steep wall. Here you have to put on StormWind and put your skill as a springer demonstrated: With domestic double jumps you can climb the roots on the side of the wall and get upwards.

But beware: Angry rune bear waiting for you! Who who is too much acrobatics, who goes to the classic, presumably intended way: over the river of Siofra . Travels to the fountain on Siofra and suggests through the underground area until you come to an elevator, which can be activated with two stone swords.

A ride with the elevator brings you back to the surface and in a castered gorge in Caelid. From here, you now ride in the direction of the big Arena in the north and defeats the gigantic golem archers who will hinder you with the coming challenge other powerful. At the end of your trip, then an oversized pot awaits you.

How do you get the Talisman “Arsenal of the big vessel”?

Did you arrive at the big vessel, you speak to your huge journales. He is a pot of the few words, but the searched conversation makes three red call signs appear a few meters in front of him. Each of these call signs conjures up a enemy NPC titled “Knight of the Great Vessel”.

You can call each of these knights individually, your equipment depends on chance. Your order is now to defeat all three NPCs one after the other. But be warned: Each of this knight has an impressive dose of life and shares hearty damage. You should not try to try this challenge too soon, so that you have a chance at all.

Did you defeat the three knights then you get as a reward the talisman “Arsenal of the big vessel”. The pot NPC is certainly impressed and satisfied that you have completed its challenge, even if he still stood with words. But the Talisman is worth the effort, at least if you tend to be heavy armor and big weapons.


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