Star Wars Eclipse: The development of the game would not be at all chaotic, everything would go for the better

Formalized last December at the Game Awards 2021, Star Wars Eclipse has since been the subject of a number of rumors not really reassuring. Indeed, some weeks ago, some insiders indicated that the game would not go out before 2027, which would explain why Quantic Dream was content to broadcast a simple kinematics during his announcement, while many observers would have appreciated a Sequence carried out with the engine engine. In fact, the French studio would experience all the difficulties of the world to recruit new talents, and revealing the existence of the project, the goal would have been to make the developers envy to join the teams already in square. The accusations of racism and sexism that Quantic Dream had to face would not have helped obviously, and even though it split from a statement to explain that justice had decided in its favor.

Faced with the magnitude taken by the hashtag #blackoutstarwarseclipse aimed at removing the development of Star Wars Eclipse to David Cage and colleagues, the French studio had answered at first that the game could not be delayed since no release date. had not been specified yet. Some had seen a skilful way of kicking, but if we rely on the last corridor noise, the site would really not be so chaotic.

Star Wars Eclipse – Official Cinematic Reveal Trailer

This good news is to Accountngt that it should be; And it’s not anyone since he was the first to talk about Star Wars Eclipse before even his formalization. “Encore once, I have confirmed the existence of a game based on The Dark Dark Demo – I had already talked about a few months ago. Star Wars Eclipse will be the next big game of Quantic Dream, And obviously, his development would make much better unlike what some might believe “, he says on Twitter. If it’s really the case, we can imagine that Star Wars Eclipse will talk about him before the end of the year, history of calming definitely the most skeptical.

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