Streets of Rage will have a movie; All about El Emblem cinema jumping from SEGA

SEGA is working on an adaptation of the video game saga Streets of Rage to the world of cinema **. After chaining two consecutive successes with Sonic, the film and its recent sequel, Deadline advances the plans of the Japanese giant, determined in your plan to convert your most iconic licenses into media franchises.

According to the information, the scriptwriter of the work will be Derek Kolstad (John Wick, Nobody); In production, on the other hand, we will find escape artists (equalizer) and dj2 entertainment , the same video game with Sonic movies. In the absence of knowing the details of the negotiations – have not transcended data on a possible premiere window of the film – everything invites to think that Sonic’s commercial performance, the film (319 million dollars) and the second part (231 million Dollars in just a couple of weeks) have been able to be the main boost to give green light to a project with DNA from Sega.

The importance of Streets of Rage yesterday and today; A pillar for Sega

Streets of Rage [Sega CD]

Because Streets of Rage is One of the most emblematic IPs of the Japan Editor , which benefits in addition to the positive inertia of Streets of Rage 4 in 2020 from the hand of the hand of Dotemu, Lizardcube and Guard Crush Games with more than 2.5 million units sold around the world. In general, considered one of the best videogames of that year. This title opened the doors to the saga to an audience that, irremediably, could not grow with the first two deliveries over the nineties in Sega Mega Drive / Genesis.

Think about the genre beat ’em up leads to think of sagvideo game video game Streets of Rage, whose universe and characters will now have the opportunity to deploy their unbridled action on the big screen. Fans will be video gameked now if it is possible to fantvideo gameize with a movie in which Yuzo Koshiro , Motohiro Kawvideo gamehima or Yoko Shimomura , composers who have left their imprint in the series in the pvideo gamet, they can Participate or not participate in the production of this feature film.

Looking ahead, Sega hvideo game confirmed that there will be Sonic 3, the film and a Live-Action series for Knuckles; The latter for 2023. The Japanese company will thus expand its target audience spectrum and announce its licenses to another type of hearings.

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