The Batman: Series, Movies, New Partners? So it should continue at The Batman

The first trailers left the fans still spotting, meanwhile they love the batman. Matt Reeves Gloomy Vision of Gotham City with Robert Pattinson as wordcare and traumatized superheroes and his fight against the Riddler conquered the hearts of the audience and first let the cinema classes ring and from the end of April 2022 probably the streaming services. Clear that it can not remain with a single film in such a success.

Film trilogy and two series ****

As soon as The Batman was in the cinemas, leaving director Matt Reeves leaking that the film should only be the first part of a trilogy. For details on the action or the like, he did not reveal yet. He only called two villains that would interest him as an opponent: Hush and Mr. Freeze. Batman actor Robert Pattinson, in turn, said he was the Batman: Matt Reeves would like to integrate Mr. Freeze into his down-to-earth Batman world. Source: Warner Brothers would be glad if his Batman could compete against Calende Man or the Court of Owls.

All characters that – with the exception of Mr. Freeze – fit very well to the gloomy world that Reeves created with The Batman (Buy Now). In the comics, the Court of Owls is a secret conspiracy of Gotham’s rich and mighty. It has existed since the founding of Gotham City and of course would fit perfectly into the picture, which is drawn in The Batman from the city. Much would not need to make a bigger conspiracy from the mighty Gothams, which now opens against Batman, because he threatens their influence.

Calende Man is a classic serial killer that has an obsession with data and calendars and thus fits very well into the gloomy world of The Batman. Hush in turn could even have been suggested in The Batman. Due to the common history, the Hush and the Riddler in the comics, it should not be a problem to integrate it.

Only Mr. Freeze does not really fit in the picture. For the technology with which the scientist keeps his body cool and serves his ice cream machine, in the universe of The Batman, a bit fails in the place. By contrast, the tragic background history of the villains would fit. After all, Mr. Freeze does not want the batman: the Penguin should receive its own series. Source: Warner Bros. Other than his wife re-revive – unfortunately, he only uses any means he is right.

Where to Take The Batman Next

Specifically, however, the plans for two series, which should play in the Universe of The Batman. Even before the movie came to the cinemas, HBO Colin Farrell was committed to playing the Penguin again, in a series of the same name. It’s about the rise of Oswald Cobblepot. More about The Penguin is not yet known, except that Colin Farrell and Matt Reeves should also act as an executive producer of the series. The other series should go more towards Horror. Except for the title, Arkham Asylum is known only that the series should reveal the background of some of the more famous and unknown occupants of the prison.

What about the joker? ****

In the finished film, he just occurs a few minutes, but a sliced scene hit the nerve of the fans: nobody nobody could have helped the Joker himself Batman to make the Riddler Dingfest. Letztlich fiel das Gespräch der beiden, das ein bisschen an “Das Schweigen der Lämmer” erinnert, der The Batman: Mehr als Cameos soll es für den Joker erst einmal nicht geben. Source: Telltale games cutting shears to the victim. Doch natürlich stellt sich jetzt die Frage: Wann hat der Joker seinen ersten richtigen Auftritt im Universum von The Batman?

Wenn es nach Matt Reeves geht, erst einmal überhaupt nicht. Für ihn sollten das Gespräch zwischen Batman und dem Joker und die Schlussszene zwischen Joker und Riddler zeigen, dass der junge Verbrechensbekämpfer schon einige Schurken hinter Gitter gebracht hat. Eine größere Rolle scheint für Batmans größten Gegner dagegen – noch – nicht vorgesehen zu sein. Sollte er dennoch auftauchen, gibt es aber schon einmal ein visuelles Vorbild, an dem sich der Charakter orientieren soll: Gwynplaine, dem Hauptcharakter aus dem 1928 erschienenen Stummfilm “Der Mann, der lacht”. Durch eine Operation ist der dazu verdammt, immerzu zu lächeln. Matt Reeves scheint dabei vor allem zu interessieren, was so ein Gesicht mit der Psyche eines Menschen macht.

Batman und… ****

No word has yet been lost about who Batman is to support his further adventures. The Batman: Catwoman comes back in a continuation? Source: Warner Brothers Catwoman, at the end of The Batman, fled to Blüdhaven, a city that comic fans know well and is very close to Gotham City. If she is not equally equal to the earth’s soil, she is none of anyone other than Nightwing, Batman’s first Robin. And in fact, since The Batman has growing the number of fans who argue that Robert Pattinsons Batman should get a superhero partner in the form of Robin or Nightwing for short or long.

For one has learned one of the crime fighters in his search for the Riddler: Without allies, the best superhero can do little in the long run. And they do not necessarily have to limit themselves to Catwoman, Commissioner Gordon and Alfred. As the comics show, there is room for a whole BAT family.

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