Half-naked middle-aged soup tension Threeseled three-person shooter “Rawmen” Open beta this summer!

Publisher Tinybuild and Developer Animal revealed that the EPIC Games store version of the three-person perspective that makes a soup half naked and the EPIC Games store version of “ RAWMEN ” is in preparation, and then conduct open beta this summer Presented.

This work is a soup sling third person shooter who can play with up to 32 people. Half-naked chef and gets a delicious soup with friends and rivals. “BroTH BATTLE” in Death Match Mode, “Claim Chowder” to hold and hold, “Team Meatball” that rolls snacks, “Boba Ball” arranged team sports, “Boba Ball”, “TOP Rawmen” aiming at the donut bomb, etc. Various modes are available, and the latest trailer shows each mode play scene.

“Rawmen” will be released for Windows (Steam, Epic Games Store) / PS5 / PS4 / Xbox Series X | S / Xbox ONE. If you register in the wish list in the EPIC Games store, you can go to open beta quickly. In addition, we accept participation application on the official site.

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