Identity Games Dragon Nest publishes a book for the 12th anniversary of the service

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Identity Games (representative Shinwangsu) announced on the 20th, “Dragon Nest Settings: Mistland”, commemorates the 12th anniversary of the RPG Dragon Nest Services.

‘Dragon Nest Settings: Mistland’, ‘Dragon Nest Settings’ published in the 19th year, the second set home, the “Mistland” Story’s Relationship, Characters and Forces’ Relationship, “Altesia”, The information of ‘Mistland’, which has never been released, such as the Trend ‘integrated chronology, is the first public. The settlement has been configured to make it easier to understand the story of ‘Dragon Nest’ because the various information that could not be identified in the game has been organized into various charts and maps.

‘Dragon Nest Settings: Mist Land’s Large World Guide Map’ is provided by a special appendix of Mistland. Present in advance reservation privilege.

Identiti Games DN IP Headquarters Kim Won Tae’s head office said, “This set house is aimed at rewarding the use of the users who loved Dragon Needs for the past 12 years, For the readers who do not know, they were prepared to have a ball from the full configuration and editor to help the book to help understanding one game IP. I will go out. “

‘Dragon Needs Settings: Mistland, is available at the Internet bookstore, including Aladdin, Yes 24, and Kyobo Market.

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