Krasser Steam-Start: EA racing play immediately at Topseller

The pre-orders at EAS new racing game F1 22 are hot. Already two months before Release, the sports game ensures a place in the topsellers of the Game Platform Steam. This makes it real tread burners like Elden Ring behind them. For this quick success is certainly the time-exclusive bonus responsible.

F1 22 on pole position of steam charts

As always, diligent movement is in the steam topsellers. Now a fresh new entry of EA can be set to the top. At least, if we only pay attention to the games. Because at the moment the Steam deck on the first place of the charts (Source: Steam).

But behind it F1 22 can snap the second place immediately with his Steam debut. The racing game of Codemasters has opened its doors for the pre-orders since the 21st of April . The race fun only appears on July 1, but it seems properly the cash register ringing.

If you want to see the new entry of the successful racing game series in moving pictures, you can watch the Fresh Announcement Trailer here:

Pre-order bonus crafts sales

In addition to the great fanbase of the sports game, the 20 euros more expensive Champions Edition may be responsible for the early Steam success. If you are pre-ordered the game until the 16th of May , beckons a time-recklen bonus in the form of the Miami content package. The following is additionally included in the Champions Edition:

  • 3 days early access

  • F1-Life Start Package
  • F1-22 content of the new era
  • New add-on driver
  • 18,000 pitcoin

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Also for pre-ordering the standard version wave some Ingame content:

  • F1-Life Start Package
  • F1-22 content of the new era
  • 5,000 pitcoin

Since there are no Gameplay still evaluations to F1 22 **, it is difficult to assess whether a pre-order is worthwhile. The PC players on Steam but seem to have great confidence in the upcoming racing game and reward it with a front place in the topsllers.

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