Starfield – shoot ok, fly terrible: ex

The Starfield scifi role-playing game is scheduled to appear this year, the release for the Xbox Series X/S and the PC is eagerly awaited. But although we will be able to play the title at least according to the planned appointment in November, very little is still known about the latest work from Bethesda.

At the beginning of April there was a look at the first official Starfield NPC, but in addition, the team can only look into the cards with regard to the status of the game. This is exactly what has changed at least a little now, because in the Resetera forum, a former developer has spoken out under the user name “Hevy008” and commented on the current status of the game. In the post that has now been deleted, but can still be found in various videos and screenshots, it says:

“It was a great place to work, very safe. The engine is a piece of sch *** e. Todd is a charismatic guy. Starfield looks good […] more and more stuff comes online. The shooting feels ok On, flying is cruel at the moment, at least in my opinion, I just don’t have fun. Lighting and all the stuff looks better and better and even if it is not at the level of Horizon Forbidden West, it is still A good -looking game. […] “

First of all: is it sure that it is really a developer? Pretty, yes. Because none other than Bloomberg journalist and industry insider Jason Schreier confirmed in the same forum that the User Hevy008 was a former character artist from Bethesda.

Starfield: Official Teaser Trailer

The first alpha scenes from the Starfield engine were shown in this trailer last year:

Starfield should not have a lack of content

Even if it is personal assessments, some of his descriptions sound rather sobering, especially the statements about the engine and the flight aspect of Starfield. And even if it is not really clear which version Hevy008 relates to, it seems to be a fairly current build of the game, because it is apparently only a week ago that the developer has left Bethesda.

He also comments on the release of the game:

“Will it be finished in time? Well, you will try it in any case […] You have an oversupply of content, maybe too much, so that’s not the problem. Finding the fun and Bux fixing are of course the big things. “

In summer there should also be a beta of the game, where the picture of the game becomes “clearer”, said the ex-developer. Such a beta would also match the Xbox & Bethesda Games Showcase that was just announced. It is not unlikely that the title will be presented in detail there.

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more on the subject

Huge Xbox/Bethesda show case takes place in June – probably with more information about Starfield and Co.


this is Starfield

According to The Elder Scrolls, Starfield is the first independent, new role-playing brand from Bethesda Softworks in over 25 years. There is a space single player role-playing game behind the title. Starfield is playfully referred to by his developers as “Skyrim in space”. In a recent video, the composers of the soundtrack are expressed in the game for the relevance of music.

The release of Starfield is planned for November 11, 2022, the game will appear for Xbox Series X/S and the PC.

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