Cyberpunk 2077 Fan corrects one of the strangest problems of the game

overpromise, sell, underdeliver Cyberpunk 2077

Cyberpunk 2077 was a great disappointment for many reasons. Whether it is the number of bugs, the abolition of the skills presented in the game demo or the almost useless advantages, the game can enter history as one of the greatest disappointments in the history of the game. One of the strangest problems is the one that would not be a problem in many other games, but in one with such an accent on style-up to pre-sorting videos discussing the story in style in Night City and having an entire statistic called “cool” the inability to preview clothes before buying them is a strange omission.

A devoted fan (which I have no other choice than to believe is in fact Miranda Priestly) sought to solve this problem in a manner only Cyberpunk – with a fashion “magazine” highlighting the unique styles of Night City, Cyberpunk404.

The site is divided into different sections – such as “Big d * CK Energy” or “femme Fatale”, allowing you to see the different collections and find the one that best suits your V.

There are a few warnings – after all, the site is always a work in progress. For the moment, the only models are V -female incarnations of V, so you are not lucky if you want to see which clothes will suit a masculine V – although the website accepts submissions for men V. site n ‘Do not indicate where you can buy the clothes, although it is something on which the creator works. The prices displayed can also vary depending on elements such as modification locations or rarity, so if you see a particular element on which you have the eye, it may be useful to provide some additional vortices to make sure that V looks exactly like what you want.

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