Last of US series: Newly shown scene has amazing resemblance to the game

Until the official start of The Last of US series on HBO, it is still a bit there, but the shooting is already in full swing, which is why we are given a little insight here and there, which is given to us in the film adaptation of the PS3 hit may be expected.

Most recently, we had reported that Ellie actress Bella Ramsey spoke to the missing gaming skills of Joel actor Pedro Pascal, now you can also see them in action. Because a few Behind The Scenes recordings have appeared on the net, but they look suspicious of it as if someone had secretly filmed them from an increased position.

fits pretty well

What can be seen? In the scene, Ellie removes a ventilation grille in a warehouse to slip inside the building and open Joel the closed door. That doesn’t sound particularly spectacular, but it becomes remarkable by a comparison.

Because the Twitter Canal The Last of Us HBO – Status has cut the scene described with a similar one from the game or compared it. And the similarity is quite astonishing. Even if it is not an exact one-to-one copy, the scene in the series looks almost as in the game, even the length fits pretty well. Here you can see the comparison:

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Even if this does not reflect the exact scene from the series-after all, we do not know details such as camera positions etc.-the recordings already prove that the makers are much more based on the game or the original template than the current one, for example Halo TV series. It will be exciting to see which scenes of the final series are still recognizable from the games.

no precise release date for the Last of US series

Even if the series is already being rotated, there is still no concrete release date for the series, but it is clear that the start will take place in 2023 at the earliest. There is also no official trailer, but there are already some information about the cast. You can find all the important information in our review:

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Already in April there were some insights into the production of the series, when a photo immediately awakened memories of an exciting game scene or showed set photos one of the most important places in the story. Let’s see which pictures or video scenes will find their way into the net next.

What do you think of the “comparison scene”?

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