Feel the magic of autumn with these 11 incredible offers on video games this weekend

Fall is a magical period for players. It is the time of hot tea with a controller in hand, wrapped in a cozy and hot blanket with nowhere where to be and no one to see. There are a ton of fantastic and long -awaited games to come and it is now time to play all the games we have in our library for some time. If you have managed to make up for all of this, we have found new titles in which you dive just before Cyberpunk 2077 and Call of Duty: Cold War are knocking on the door. You can consult them all below!

Pre -order offers:

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mations below, or give us a cry on Facebook and Twitter. And if you are looking to configure your game platform while respecting your budget make sure to consult our latest and best accessory offers here. Do not forget to come back next weekend for other incredible offers on all your favorite platforms and do not forget to share them with your players’ colleagues!

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