Dead by Daylight Devs Tease Roadmap, revelation of the chapter during the anniversary event

Mort in daylight The anniversary event is approaching, and with that come promises from great revelations and more things to wait. Lacking less than two weeks to take the event on May 17, the Behavior Interactive developer created a place dedicated to this event that advanced something we can expect from the next anniversary celebration. Dave Richard, the creative director who works in the day in daylight, _ also spoke briefly about the event in and promoted it as one that the community will certainly not want to get lost.

Later, the site for the day in the daylight_ Anniversary event, you can see a useful breakdown of how the event will take place on May 17. In the upper part of the execution of the program was the promise of a road map for the year 7, as well as conversations about the planned improvements for the game in terms of changes in the quality of life and broader adjustments in the game. We will also talk about the store and anniversary celebrations in the game.

Dead By Daylight New 6th Year Anniversary Information! - DBD Anniversary Stream News & Info!

But together with the road map, the other great pending task of this event will be the next chapter that will be revealed on May 17. Some rumors within the archives of the game have led the players to believe that some characters that currently cannot be played could leave tradition and enter the kingdoms as murderers or survivors, but we still do not know if that is the case. However, previous anniversaries transmissions have marked a tendency for the revelations of licensed chapters, so it is very likely that this event presents another collaboration of terror between franchises. The 2020 anniversary event had the revelation of the Silent Hill chapter, for example, while the 2021 event had Resident Evil. recently spoke with Richard about the last volume of the game and the confirmation of the first gay character of Dead By Daylight. _, _ a conversation that, naturally, became a moment in the anniversary event, as this month will take place. Richard could not offer details about what would be shared, but invited everyone to tune the biggest event of the game.

«I mean, don’t miss it. There is a lot of great content, ”said Richard. «We are going to recover the road map this year. We are going to talk about what will come in the future in terms of quality of life, new characteristics. We will reveal the chapter. I mean, you said it. It is how every year is the greatest Dort in daylight event. So don’t miss it ».

Mort in daylight The anniversary event takes place on May 17.

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