Jürgen Klopp talks about FC Liverpools fate

The season runs for Jürgen Klopp and FC Liverpool: League Cup winner, in the FA Cup final and after the 3-2 at Villarreal also in the final class. Only in the league do the Reds have to stand in the back at the moment. At one point behind the leader Manchester City, Liverpool ranks second. The master race is still open. Only: The LFC has a powerful opponent in front of the chest.

warning of “crazy speed”

When Tottenham Hotspur competes on Saturday (8:45 p.m., live! At Cup) in Anfield, the Reds will be dealing with “some of the best counter players in the world” according to Klopp. “You have a brilliant team,” Klopp clarified about the Spurs. “Everyone in front: speed like crazy.” And above all, in addition to their “massive quality”, the Spurs have another trump card: “Harry Kane – what kind of player. He has a blind understanding with his teammates.”

It is not easy to win in the close struggle for the Premier League title. Especially since Klopp does not expect that the memorable departure in the premier class against Real Madrid will have an effect on rival mancity and its league form. Asked whether this is in the Champions League the Skyblue weakness or even more focused, even more determined, the German replied: “As we know City: rather the latter. They are too good.”

I had such nights. It’s not cool.

Jürgen Klopp about Mancity’s Champions League defeat

Nevertheless, he could imagine that it must have been “a heavy blow”. “I think everyone was ready to switch off the television,” said Klopp – and said from my own experience: “I had such nights. It’s not cool,” said the 54 -year -old. “The next morning is not pleasant either. But that’s the moment you realize: ‘Okay, we can’t change that anymore. We have to concentrate on the next game now.’ And that’s why they will be ready to _ (Mancity, Red.) _. “

“Madrid is our fate”

Jürgen Klopp explains Liverpool's ???????????? second half reaction to reach the Champions League final
Klopp’s focus is also on the coming game. And yet the upcoming Champions League final on May 28th (9pm, live! At Cup) against Real Madrid-a team with Klopp and his team was also a topic at the press round. In the 2018 final, the Reds lost 1: 3. “When we lost the final, I would have preferred to say: ‘Let’s play the final again next year’,” said the two -time world coach and added grinning: “But then we played against Tottenham. So in Madrid Madrid seems to be ours To be fate. “

The teams are now writing a new chapter of this “fateful” story in Paris. But: “Until then there are so many games and you will ask so many questions about Real Madrid. So I think we can stop here.”

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